Manga studio on new computer

  • I read on the clip studio support website that it can be used on multiple pc's after the original authentication is cleaned and the previous computer is not using it. I was wondering how this is done because i recently had to upgrade from my laptop to a desktop. Is it a simple matter of uninstalling on the original or are there more steps involved.for those wondering how i found this out here is the site:

  • From memory, you can have two working versions of CSP. I had one on my home PC, and one on my sisters iMac for when I was on vacation visiting, but still had some work to do.

    After selling my own iMac and building my PC, I emailed CSP, and they were super cool about everything. They reset my code, so my old computer and my sisters computer versions would not work anymore. I then set it up again on my new PC, and again on my sisters iMac. No troubles for me.

    I think you can unregister a previous computer on the website. But it was a bit ago that I switched to windows. I also think, again from memory, that if you register a 3rd computer, it unregisters one of the other computers.