Transparent Gif animation posible?

  • Hallo :)

    How can I make the background in an animation transparent?

  • As far as I can tell, you can't make an animated GIF with alpha channel in Clip Studio, but if anyone knows how, I would like to know. If you have access to Photoshop, you can export your work in Clip Studio as a PNG image sequence, import the sequence to Photoshop and arrange them into a frame animation, then Export>Save for web. If you use the freeware alternative to Photoshop, GIMP, you can also create GIF with alpha channel with that. Here is a small tutorial on doing it in GIMP

  • It's downright bizarre that Clip Studio offers everything you need to make an animated Gif with transparency, but does not actually allow exporting it as such.

    In the file option we have Export animation>>Animated Gif
    In the layer's palette we have the option to turn off (or even delete) the page background. Making the background of the image transparent.

    CS then displays the animation with transparency in the drawing area, but gives it a white background in the Navigator preview; and only exports it with this white background. You can change the color of the paper, and have that as the background instead, but with no paper, CS gives it an opaque white background, instead of leaving it transparent.

    CS will export PNG files with their transparency, if done this way, though.

    Since all of the functionality is already present, it would seem an easy fix in the next patch; to have the exporters respect the lack of a background page, and export transparency without the obviously unwanted color fill.

    As a workaround you can export an image sequence of PNGs, but this loses your per-frame delay. So until they fix it (if they choose to), the best way would seem to be to export to avi, and convert it to animated Gif with another program.

    See... Here is where it gets even stranger. AVI video supports transparency, and Clip Studio has the option to enable this; it's in the movie export dialog.... but whether you choose it or not, it seems to ignore it. The exported AVI does not have transparency.

    So —same as amidatti said... As far as I can tell, you can't make an animated GIF with transparency in Clip Studio. (Unless there is some hidden check box, or esoteric trick to allowing it.)

    What you can do (to try to keep your frame delay), is export to AVI, and change the background paper color, to a color that does not exist anywhere else in your animation. This would make it easier to isolate and remove in a 3rd party animation program; unlike the color white. RGB 255,0,255 is a common (uncommon) choice.

  • Ah thx you. I do it with Photoshop :) But thx a lot for the answers :D