Poser 9 very slow

  • i have poser 9 it used to load the runtime files very quickly
    but for the last few weeks it has got really slow loading them in
    any ideas whats wrong

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Not sure. One option that tends to make startup slow is the library option to reopen folders. This option makes the library have to read every folder you had open in previous sessions, and for most people is not worth the trouble. If you have that on, try turning it off.

  • hello Bagginsbill
    where would i find that option to turn it off

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    If you don't know where it is, then it is unlikely you enabled it.

    I don't have Poser 9 around anymore, but here are screen shots from the Poser 10/Pro 2014 manual.



  • @chrisxp As BB indicated in his PP2014 screenshots, the options for the Library become visible if you click on the rope-like divider bar right below the library in Poser 9 as well.

    Here's a quick screenshot from within my Poser 9, which indicates what you're looking for.


  • Thank you for all the suggestions but it is none of them
    I have checked those settings and they are all ok
    its when ever i add a runtime folder
    I have tried moving them to different places to open makes no difference
    i thought if i put them on my desktop it may be quicker but no.......its just the same
    Its really doing my head in its taking ages to put in new runtimes when i want to do a different model or change the clothes