Where to put Genesis 3 DS files in Poser so Poser can read them.

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    I have a lot of people contacting me on where to put Genesis 3 DS files in Poser so Poser can read them with Dimensions3d' library manager.
    Here are some screen shots for you.

    I will show screen shots for directly into Poser 11 Content folder and screen shots for a separate runtime folder.
    Poser 11 Content folder is first.

    ![alt text](0_1495918845770_StructureSetups.jpg image url)

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    Separate runtime folder.
    This is a screen shot of my separate folder:
    DSON can look "down" or "in" but not up.

    External runtime.
    A runtime that is not in the main Poser folder
    2-DS Content MUST be in the same "FOLDER" your runtime folder is.
    3- Not "in" your runtime folder, rather the folder your runtime is in.
    4- Because I wanted to contain all both Ds and Poser files in 1 place I made a folder on my G: drive called "Productions"
    5-I put my Poser runtime in that "Productions" folder.
    7- Now I am G:Productions:runtime
    8- All my DS files are now put into the "Productions" folder so they are on the same level as my runtime folder.

    ![alt text](image url)0_1495919173210_01-Productions.jpg

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    The files that are highlighted in the above image are Poser files.
    Now in Poser if I open Dimensions3d' library manager I can see all of my DS files.
    Hope this helps.

    ![alt text](0_1495919444480_03-Structure.jpg image url)

  • @lululee Wow. I've been making separate runtimes for each artist since I find stuff at multiple sites per artist many times, and I'm trying to get a handle on licensing.

    I've been throwing all the DS files in the Content folder at the Runtime level of each folder. I don't use a library manager. Do I still need to bring all those files out of the Content folder? DS is a total mystery to me....

    I am just now understanding how to organize my Poser files. I read in a tutorial that I can put all my .pz files in my Pose folder and all my .ps folders in Characters in Props or Scenes if I want to but I don't move any files around in Geometries. Is this ok?

    Since I am rearranging all my thousands of models etc I want to be on the right foot so both softwares can find things. I run Win 10, which is problematic, but it is a new PC and came with it. As a former computer tech, I don't like to upgrade operating systems to new versions, I just keep 'em updated regularly. Because of my particular set of disabilities, some days I'm a computer tech and some days I feel like a novice [my more painful days - ugh].

    I've watched the tutorial Willdial and you produced many times and followed each step, but I cannot get anything to convert except the Gen 3 Female. I made Poser Companion Files for all my Gen 3 characters, poses, clothes, and mats, but I can only use the Gen 3 F. I was unable to convert the Gen 3 Male, yet I followed the exact same process y'all described! Because I succeeded with G3F, I know it should work for G3M, too. I probably messed something up. Did I understand correctly, that I needed to do the same for my V7HD and M7? I was very careful to put the saved character subsets into my Poser 11 Content folder, which is a subfolder of Poser 11. They all had errors when I ran them through Willdial's program. I can't get any of the facial expressions to work on G3F. Nor clothes, nor hair. I must be missing something obvious. I may just try converting them after my upcoming cataract surgery and watch your webinar again!

    Do I need to combine these directories? My main Runtime folders are on an external drive: G:/3D/Poser/Poser Base Libraries/[Artist or website] but I keep all my original Poser files under G:/3D/Poser/Poser x/Poser x Content [as in content included with the program]. I am splitting out my DAZ items by artist where I can determine that, and also doing this with my collections from most other major marketplaces. The exception is a runtime I call NonComm where I deposit anything that licensing doesn't permit me to do renders for book covers.

    Thanks in advance for your putting up with this too-long post!

    Dannis [a 58 yo lady who loves to write sci fi!]

  • I too am wondering whether my setup is correct for working with Genesis 3 figures.

    What I have is a folder on my 4 TB "I" drive named Poser Runtimes - in this I have a folder named DSON Genesis which I setup for both D|S and Poser Genesis 2 content and it worked fine with the G2 stuff but not so well with G3 - should this setup be OK or should I move all my Genesis content to the main Poser 11 Runtime folder?

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    Here are some of the powerful benefits of of Dimension3D's XL - Content Library for Poser.
    · You can open Daz files including ( Genesis to Genesis 3) directly into Poser without having to go into Daz Studio
    · The Content Library opens the PCF files in Poser without having to go into Daz Studio
    · You can have multiple runtimes for both Poser and Daz studio.
    · Make sure you have your folders setup as I show earlier in this thread.
    · The XL content Library cannot "see" up.
    · That means your DS content must be on the same level as your runtime folder.
    · Not "in" the folder but level with it. Refer to above image

    2 buttons are important to use to navigate between DS Files and Poser files.
    · The button on the top far right accesses only the Daz Studio files
    · The button on the top far left accesses only the Poser files

    See included images

    I hope this helps.


    ![alt text](0_1497115157623_!02-Library-Manager.jpg image url)

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    Navigating to different runtimes.

    ![alt text](0_1497115257756_!03-Library-Manager.jpg image url)

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    I hope it is ok to post this link.
    If it's not please delete.
    For me this is the quickest and most efficient way to work seamlessly with both Poser and Daz Studio files.
    Remember, if you bring in Genesis 3 to Poser you will still have to use willdial's free plugin to fix her face so she can have her expressions working.


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    The link above did not take the entire link.
    Here it is correct.

    [https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/xl---content-library-for-poser/88878/](link url)

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    I' having problems getting the entire link.
    Just copy and paste the entire line.