Increase/decrease cel duration and auto move the following cels

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    Is there a way to increase or decrease the duration of a cel in a way that automatically pushes all cels following it forward or backwards accordingly? If there is a cel in the middle a many cels and I would like it to hold longer, is the only way to grab the frames after it, move them, then make the cel in question longer? In the many proper animation programs I use, this is done easily in each with one keystroke. If this is not a feature of Clip Studio, I think it is a sorely needed one. As an animator, my workflow is to animate many cels on 1s while toggling between them to get the motion correct, and then add or subtract frames from each cel to settle on appropriate timing. I would like to make Clip Studio part of my animation workflow but if it takes too many clicks and drags to add a frame to a cel in the middle of the timeline, it is impractical.

  • Clip Studio is egregiously lacking layer tweening support; and as such, cannot become a staple part of my own animation work flow.

    But it does offer what you've asked for: Notice/ or recall that when you click a cell on the timeline, its starting point highlights in light red. You can CTRL-click or SHIFT-click (or drag-select) additional cells, and their starting points will also light up. You may then drag the selected set of cells forwards or backwards, and they all maintain their relative distances from each other.

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  • Thank you for the reply

    I see what you are saying, and it is what I understand to be the only way to accomplish this in Clip Studio. But if there are a huge number of cels in the timeline, selecting many cels and click+drag to move them is not fast or precise enough. There ought to be a single-click shortcut that adds a frame to the current cel and pushes all following cels away to make room for it.

  • @amidatti

    Alas, there ought to be a lot of things added to it... I think that the animation feature was hastily tacked on.