Poser 12 wishlist

  • Make Poser Great again

    I might as well share this with you here. I wish they would just focus on Poser's greatest assets: Animation, Posing, Hair, Cloth. I know I recently complained that they must not add new features, that's why I added little markers to what I consider important or not.

    No $ = whenever you can
    $ = asap
    $$ = now pls
    $$$ = yesterday!!


    • $$$ Back me up financially so that I can work full-time on PE figures. I can complete the female in three months, maybe even shorter.

    Posing and animations:

    • Figure Circles must go. They constantly get in the way.
    • Objects in hidden groupings must not be selectable
    • $$ Option to make object selection like material picker: pick whatever is under the cursor.
    • When selecting Body, Main Camera ignores origin and rotates around universe origin.
    • When figure is parented to group, pose resets pose camera to location of the figure as if it wasn't in the group.
    • $ Keyframe copy-paste needs to take into account values driven as conformed. Conformed figures' keyframes cause drama this way.
    • master-driven (or FBM driven) dials must be revealed with a dot again like with PP2014.
    • $ Loading poses must be faster.
    • $ Reparenting Props and figures: Stays in the same place please!
    • $ Ability to search Parameter dials like in DS
    • $$$ copy-pasting & undo MUST work in Anim Layers (ask me for debug info). Whatever you can do in the base layer, should be possible in subsequent layers.
    • $$$ Collapsing of these layers MUST work too, and smartly (ie: take into account that values can be controlled by other dials and conforming items, like Poser is designed to do).
    • $$ Cycling IK must also include limb rotations dictated by parameter dials (like arm up, leg up, bend torso, etc)
    • $ option to disable conformers during tracking will improve performance
    • Better updating of values in Parameter dials when progressing through timeline
    • Insert keyframe function. Insert keyframe between existing keyframes. All keyframes to the right get moved up an x number of frames (optional: include locked frames).
    • move keyframes should ask if locked ketframes must be included. Sometimes we lock things so we don't accidentally move them, or they need to stay how they are in that frame.
    • Remove reduntant keyframes: Remove values after a keyframe if they're the same (unless there's interpolation involved). Saves file size.
    • Option to order animation Pallette according to Hierarchy parenting / parameter grouping
    • Option to expand / collapse all hierarchy elements instead of default expanded view.

    Rigging and Morphing:

    • $ Copy/transfer all/selected Weight maps only
    • $ Copy/transfer all/selected joint centers only
    • $ Save morph sets to Library (smartly, so all dependencies will also be saved).
    • When morph sets are loaded from Library, ask if old morphs may be overwritten.
    • $ Fitting room should see hidden characters (and not crash)
    • $$ Scaling of figures must now be smarter. Scaling will not offset bending zones and should stop creating ridges beyond the intended zone.
    • phase out bodypart dependency in rigs by making bones affect entire mesh by default. Bodypart boundaries now purely for handles.
    • Or: Unimesh rigging (using old tech). Modify existing tech to proceed like normal, but then NOT splitting up the OBJ file any more. No more welding and cutting. Everything else stays the same. Bodyparts are now merely defined for manipulating or materials.
    • Using bulge tech, define a line bridging two bones across a joint that relaxes the WM bending effect. This line can also allow for inflation of the mesh perpendicular to it . This is supposed to act like a tendon. (might be worth adding to normal bones too to simulate fat displacement - angle start and stop should be defined)
    • $ When populating lists with dials (for like morph transfers) make optional to order by dial grouping.
    • $ Option to duplicate Master dial / FBM / parameter dial
    • $ Option to have magnets affect bent mesh BEFORE or AFTER rotations. Magnets now cause ridges across bodypart boundaries and behave as if they're not bent. This would be extremely useful to have.
    • Fitting room templates & fast track fits. Why repeat an action for similar clothing?

    Cloth & Hair

    • Transform conforming clothing into cloth, allow sims to be saved as FBMs for that Item, and delete simulation, going back to the original item.
    • Drape per Frame clothsim (for frame-by-frame comic sequences) Therefore no dynamic interpolation between frames.
    • Buy and integrate VWD and make it simpler (ie: for humans)
    • Make 'Cloth Hair' module (instead of strands which are sometimes unwieldy and heavy on resources).
    • Strand hair as Prop / Conforming hair with morphs. Simulations are sometimes too time-consuming and impractical. (Hardly anyone makes movies in Poser compared to most Poser users)
    • Strand hair through GoZ?

    Materials & Renderer:

    • Script to translate firefly mats to SF. I've got some ideas.
    • Better gaussian blur to to deal with blotches that appear in Firefly's IDL in underlit scenes

    Fun stuff:

    • Comic Speech Bubble Module that overlays the preview window & exports with render either as PSD layer or extra PNG transparent export (better comic book frame planning)
    • Animatable render / preview frame size
    • Animatable main camera focus track. One Dummy track that gets told which camera to use in which frame. This way you can leave strategic cameras in the same place and just tell the track which camera to use between frame 100-104.
    • Storyboarding module: notes attached to frames in the Animation Pallette. Note saying "Frame 107, Lali slaps the artist in the face." for example. Note can be shown under the preview window as an additional info bar.
    • Natural movement resources, natural osscilations of human movement as a series of keyframes to be pasted in any bodypart at any given frequency / amplitude. Running, Jumping, swinging arms.
    • Flesh setting in Bullet Physics. WM defines the area.
    • Rag doll extension for figure's bodyparts using Bullet Physics module. (like soldier's legs dangling over the side of a helicopter, or heads bobbing up and down in a car on a bumpy road)

    General Application Performance & Library:

    • Option to instance a CR2. Once a character is getting edited, you can either embed the old way, or edit the main CR2.
    • CR2 must get changed into binary (and simple editor provided)
    • $ Save routine first saves temp file, then overwrites original. After original is replaced successfully and checked for file size, temp file is deleted (maybe even after closing Poser).
    • $$ Stop indiscriminantly cramming the texture cache full. Ask what to do when disk gets full like normal software does.
    • $ When Poser is loading a material, or busy doing anything, lock the UI so that the user doesn't click on something that will crash Poser. Example: paste a big material in the material room and quickly press the 'remove detached nodes' button.
    • Windows focus flipping must stop. When saving a file, or doing a heavy operation in Poser, Poser seems to want to disappear into the background...
    • $$$ Make exporting of props OPTIONAL for GoZ feature, and get zBrush to recognize the same mesh like it did with PP2014. Rather just ditch the new GoZ and return the old one (or make it optional). It worked way better (and more stable).
    • $$$ Please, from now on make new features OPTIONAL! This way you annoy less customers and they can carry on with life if the new feature is not useful to them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @erogenesis Have you talked with the Poser team to see if they'd back you on PE?

  • @ghostship a few times yes. Entire proposals back in 2014, a few correspondences in 2016, and also one detailed proposal to help with Poser dev and marketing.

  • PS: another idea I've often fantasized about is loading up a partial pose, or half a pose. So like you have a walking pose in the library, and you just want the left leg. Click 'partial pose' and select leg from drop down, and maybe select 50% of the rotations. So instead of the leg loading at 50 degrees, it will load at 25%.

    Or have a Pose puppet that you can select the left leg, and then it filters out all the poses relevant to it?

    Edit: storyboarding module could be expanded in future to be linked to research pictures or storyboard drawings. I usually have a folder in my project folder dedicated to pictures of people in certain poses as references... ahem, certain poses yes :D

    • & GoZ returns are stored as FBMs / PBMs controlled in the body by default. Make it optional to make the base controller located in a different bodypart. ie: expression morphs base dial in the head.
    • Therefore make it possible to change the base dial in existing FBMs / PBMs. This change in base location is extremely useful for animation keyframing. Say you have an animation of a girl walking, but as she walks she's speaking using your own zBrush made morphs. You can copy the walk sequence and paste it further on, but now you have to filter through the Body list to delete the expressions keyframes if you want to set some new ones (which is partly why Master Sync was extremely annoying). If they were now set in the head, then all you need to do is delete all the head keyframes. It makes more sense to do that because the head / face is MUCH more versatile than just about the rest of the body, and to lump all the dials for the face together with the body is just stupid. You can then do the same with breast PBMs based in the chest, genital PBMs based in the gens, hand PBMs in the hands, etc...

    PS: yes you can use the loose morphs in the head, but some expression morphs can involve the neck too.

  • $$$ x $$$ Don't break geometrie mesh. Never ever !!!

  • My wishlist

             - ISO and Tone mapping camera  
            -  port of Cycles tone mapping curves, 
                RGB, Gamma, Exposure etc 
            -  Cycles OpenCL or AMD GPU support 
            -  Possibility Of AMD Pro Render to be        
               ported to Poser 12
            -  Mesh lights 
            -  IES lights

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • Poser Ambassadors

    • Networked Superfly rendering of single frame ("still", wallpaper) - distribute buckets/samples across networked remotes (slaves, rendercows). This would greatly speed rendering a big high-quality wallpaper of a complex scene.

    • Micropoly displacement for Superfly (like Firefly has)

    • Pause/Resume Superfly render. This should allow for closing Poser, even shutting down computer, and then resuming rendering in a later session.

    • Particles, using my own imported OBJ and retaining multiple material zones and UVs allowing full material nodework (not just procedurals). We'll need a "life" node. It would be nice to include a sprite function, scattering billboards which always face the active camera.

    • Option to keep imported OBJ separate from a prop/figure when saving. When saving the new prop/figure, a prompt should pop up asking where to save the OBJ.

    • Scatter/paint props and drop them to selected surface - to populate my own modeled terrain with plant props/figures.

    • Meta-blobs - good for making splashes, and enables non-modeler users to build things by sticking primitives together.

  • @erogenesis said in Poser 12 wishlist:

    $$ Option to make object selection like material picker: pick whatever is under the cursor.

    I asked for this for Poser 11.
    I also asked for instancing.

    Functions of Blender/Cycles I'd like to see in Poser are
    micropolygon displacement
    adaptive subdivision
    'pooling' of textures into a scene library. In other words, a texture that is used 20 times in a scene is only loaded once into the scene library and accessed where needed.

    Poser needs to do something to release the load on processing and RAM if it hopes to keep up with expectations of the user base.

  • Weight Map Control: this is actually achievable with Poser as she now is.

    • Allow the user to name their Weight Maps.
    • Weight Map Animation: switch between WM using parameter dial
    • Weight Map Animation: blend between weight maps
    • Option to replace or add weight maps. Current option is just replace.

    WM control can be very useful because figures with different bodytypes will bend differently, or clothing like a button down shirt will need different weight mapping when the 'Open Shirt' morph is dialed in.

    JCM programmer: like the master parameter teaching function, add a similar function that helps you to program at which angles a morph gets loaded and unloaded, and also letting a dial scale them. This can be very easy to program. Allowing a dial to scale a particular set of JCMs can be very useful when switching between extreme body types. A fat person's body bends differently than a skinny person's body. They would each have their own JCMs. A person in the middle would thus use 50% of both. This is all manually programmable, like in Lali's Bits and Project E, but gets very complicated in a hurry. This can be an extremely powerful tool.

  • @piersyf said in Poser 12 wishlist:

    @erogenesis said in Poser 12 wishlist:

    $$ Option to make object selection like material picker: pick whatever is under the cursor.

    I asked for this for Poser 11.

    Hehe I think I even requested it for Poser 10. The argument was that many people would protest against it. My answer was simple: make it optional! The tech is already there (hint: material picker) its not new tech that needs extra maintenance or debugging. Make it an option in Edit > Preferences. Maybe Ctrl + LMB can revert to the old method, or the new. But make it optional. I will throw a party if they finally implemented it.

  • @erogenesis Always been a serious problem with object selection. I was shocked when I loaded up DS and could select the body part I wanted to move just by hovering the courser over it. In Poser I can hover over a hand and it will select the hip that is behind the hand in relation to the camera. This seems like a fairly elementary idea but we've been struggling with this since at least Poser 3.

  • @ghostship What always stumps me is how in the world it is possible to select an object three hundred and seventy two miles behind the camera...

  • The other thing I asked for for Poser 11 was the ability to change brush shapes in the morph tool.

    • A way to select morphs / dials from a list when saving a Pose. Current option just lumps all morphs/dials together in the pz2, when all we might want are FBMs, or body movement dials. A search / filter option might be nice here.
    • Saving the Pose selection filter, so that the user can repeat the selecting/saving process quickly for a series of similar Poses.
    • $$$ In fact a search / filter option in all morph lists would be extremely EXTREMELY useful! It sould also be able to filter out dial groups with perhaps a checkbox to only select groups. Type in "Smile" and all the morphs/dials with the word smile in it will appear, OR, the group called 'Smiles' shows up with every dial inside of it. Very very highly recommended!

    (edit: maybe the search / filter option can only just appear in the parameters palette, allowing you to check certain or all dials filtered, and then in the parameter's drop-down you can "Save selection as..." a pose, or morph injection, or character (without all the unchecked dials).

    • UV map switching like with DS, I think can actually be very very useful!

    • For conforming clothing to behave like in PP2014. Just started playing in PP11 again and already found 2 new problems. Had several instances where clothing seems dislodged and offset at certain angles, only to be fixed by either copying WM from host figure, or going back to PP2014. Nevermind backwards compatibility, try forwards compatibility first and save me a lot of work, please.
    • Other problem: When dragging items from the library, conform it to the figure it is actually dragged on in the preview window, and not whatever is behind the camera! I was dragging the new underwear onto the girl what is sitting in an aircraft and suddenly the aircraft was wearing underwear!

  • @ghostship For Poser, right click over the item you want to select, will open up a menu that should list all the items underneath the cursor, allowing you to select exactly what you want.

  • @modus0 yep, we know that. That does work yes.

    But for the record, its an extra click and more RSI-inducing mouse movement for me. While it may seem like a minor issue, I (as well as many others) work in Poser 24/7, in fairly large scenes, and sometimes it gets downright tiring to have to try and select something 10,000 times a day... and then deciding to do the RMB drop down. And I don't even make movies. So for me its not practical. Trust me, select-under-cursor for a lot of people will be a relief of note.