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    @jura11 this would be the end of Poser for me. I've always had problems with AMD inside and so I won't switch to AMD just for Poser. I'll stay with Intel and Nvidea. The gap is getting wider.

    Your right, the gap is getting wider. Just not in the direction you may have implied.
    The AMD engine will run on any platform, not just AMD gpus.
    No need to switch, you just need good OpenCl 1.2 drivers for your GPU.
    Doesn't matter if the GPU is from Nvidia, AMD, Intel, etc.

    And let's not get too upset about 15 HD frames a second when using recent AMD hardware.
    No one has that much time to waste waiting on renders anyway....

    Having a plugin for it similar to how Octane is integrated, is a good idea.

  • @masterstroke said in Poser 12 wishlist:

    @jura11 this would be the end of Poser for me. I've always had problems with AMD inside and so I won't switch to AMD just for Poser. I'll stay with Intel and Nvidea. The gap is getting wider.

    Hi there

    Not sure if this would be end of Poser for you as this renderer is based as above @shvrdavid said on OpenCL and OpenCL can run on any GPU,just drivers are needed which are available and I use this renderer in above SW like is C4D,3DS MAX and no issues on my PC and I'm running only nVidia GPUs

    Regarding the switch to AMD,friend switched recently to AMD Threadripper for his main rendering PC,he is running 4 GPUs(4xGTX1080Ti) and no issues,I'm contemplating too switch to AMD TR4 in coming months,just waiting on Workstation board to be released for TR4,hopefully ASRock will release one or Asus will release one

    I've used several AMD GPUs there and once I've issue with newer drivers when they released and abandoned AMDogl and replaced that with newer version and as many people know,AMD OpenGL is poor one and never worked as intended or how they're planned

    I still use AMD GPUs for OpenCL rendering and OpenCL testing on another PC and there I have installed few SW where performance is pretty much good

    Hope this helps


  • @shvrdavid well, at least that's good to hear. Although I don't understand their buisiness model then.

  • The simple answer to there business model, is fairly simple.

    Read this

    Then consider the graph on that page of the total graphics market share.
    AMD and NVIDIA are at the bottom, not that far apart as commonly thought.

    Where will AMD be after making the chips for the next gen notebooks?

    Yep, way above Nvidia..

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    Don't know if this was already mentioned, but I stumbled (again )in something pretty annoying.
    When I do big render , I would like to be able to see the whole pic which just get rendered. Not easy to explain it for me, but over DS as example, I can still scroll my render up and down etc during the render..this is very handy, because many times I can detect like this some overseen poke through s etc..and cancel the render without to have to wait hours and get frustrated.

  • Agreed, Ladonna. Unfortunately I've been doing most of my renders in Blender since 2.79 came out in September. For mine, cycles is now up to 10 times faster than Superfly (improved cycles as well as denoising function), I can scroll in and out, move around, I can change lighting levels DURING THE RENDER since filmic response was integrated, I have access to particles, instancing, IES light profiles if I want, adaptive subdivision, micropolygon displacement, and ALL with faster render times. Poser for me has become just the figure manipulation part (in which it still leave Blender for dead), VWD's cloth sim add on, and the morph brush. I'd be happy for that to change, but that's where I am at present.

  • @Ladonna agree. "Render in background" helps - you can scroll it or tear it mid-stage, but not with GPU-memory heavy scenes.
    And again:

    • pause-resume
    • Blender-style render-border option (render exact region). It's a way to multi-machine render of stills too.

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    @phdubrov Yes I know that "render in background" helps here but on my current scene as example not possible. (Plants etc..) So after over night render I could just trash the whole render because a major poke trough on her dress which I oversee on the small render .(It is even not that big, but when you spot it , it destroys the whole image).This is extremely frustrating .

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    @piersyf Yes, I envy Blender user for this. Unfortunately I have to use here Poser for my render. Those are Promos. :(
    I know this feature also from Vray/Max and LW render engine. Even DS has it. Would be just awesome if in Poser we would have this too.
    Don' even talk about Micropolygone .I just read myself yesterday through Blender's new feature and get jealous :)

  • My wish list would be full body and full head morph to rival genesis head and body morphs, released at the same time as the program or figure. If you want content providers to spend time developing content, people need to use the figures. They don't use the figures from poser because no one makes morph packages and the couple of morphs that come with each figure don't amount to anything worthwhile. Not everyone is an expert user, some of us just like to play and knock out a semi reasonable image, spin dial shaping is what we want.
    From what I see, Daz gives a free program, free base figures. then sells the pro packages. If you buy a couple of pro packages, you have paid a similar price to Poser Pro. The only thing you don't have with Poser for the same price is the morph packages.
    I prefer to use Poser for my renders and I like the walk generator as it is so much better than Daz's animation blocks, which again rely on content developers and money to buy.