Who buys content through Content Paradise?

  • You know, as long as I'm spouting off today, might as well go for the gold. Content Paradise should not only extend the download periods (preferably indefinitely) but they should also offer a Poser gallery so they can show what their user base is creating with Poser and the stuff they buy from Content Paradise.

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    yeah I guess Dawn and the others work on both platforms. It was just that I've seen GF3 products there and thought that was a little weird.

    There are a number of Poser only products that aren't in any way related to Dawn, Dusk, Luna, the HW Horse, etc. I would think they're in the minority, but I don't think the HW store wanted to turn away anyone, just because they aren't creating items to be used with the HW products.

    I was also surprised the first time I saw something for a Genesis character, but figured why not. Why the Contributing Artist(s) decided to sell at HW, I have not a clue, unless they also have created items for HW characters. I haven't checked that out to be sure, but anything's possible. I guess the HW owners wanted to have a store open to all.

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    I haven't created any clothes for Miki 4. Is she hard to rig as compared to Miki 3 with all those extra bones?

    I'm struggling to remember all the differences between Miki 3 and 4.

  • @andolaurina Miki4 is weight mapped and extremely easy to rig for.

    This is conforming.

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    @Glitterati3D Very pretty!

  • @andolaurina Thank you!

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    Hello All.

    I stop in these forums from time to time to keep up with what is going on in the poser world/community. I notice in this thread there are some thoughts about Renderosity Product Testing. We do a thorough job of testing EVERY product that comes into the marketplace. in the past 2-3 years we have greatly improved our testing, and testing staff. our turn-around times are very good while maintaining quality testing standards for each and every product that is submitted to the marketplace. Just ask some of our vendors who have failed that process. :)

    Do we miss things occasionally, of course...but as soon as those are brought to our attention we work with the vendor to correct any issues reported and get the product updated immediately. IF for any reason you have issues with ANY purchase at Renderosity, please feel free to send an email to store@renderosity.com and we will get the issue corrected, or we will remove the product from the marketplace until it is corrected.

    And it makes me very happy to see so many familiar faces/names in here still interested in the Poser program and helping to support what is being done with it. I also am hoping to see a Poser program and community that is thriving and has a new version or updates to rally around. Would love also to see some GREAT figures for it. I know we have some very dedicated people working on figures. I hope to see those OUT soon!

    Thank you!

    Renderosity Marketplace Manager

  • @jennblake Hey Jenn, good to see you, and thanks for the comments about Renderosity's testing process. It's good to know you folks are on top of things, and you're right, you can't catch every little thing 100% of the time. The one issue I had, was the only one in 17 years as a member/customer at Renderosity.

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    @Miss-B I am glad it was only the 1 time. :) That's not too bad for that long. Thank you for coming to the site for so long! I think you have been there longer than I have!

  • @jennblake I joined in April 2000, though most of my time was spent on the forums was spent in the Bryce forum, as that was the only 3D app I was using at the time.

  • Still can't install Miki 4. 'Please locate a valid Poser directory'. 'Poser is not installed on your system'. Bah. This was talked about years ago, and nothing ever came of it.

  • @James_in_3D
    I no longer have 2012. For some reason I still have 2010 sitting there, but that doesn't work either.

  • @Glitterati3D Traci, a question for you. Have you ever made a dress for Dawn or Miki or Diva and used another dress that had already been weightmapped and transferred that map to the new dress?I don't know if Poser can transfer maps like that. Would be a sweet rigging time saver if it could.

  • @eclark18941 I have......the 50s dress on Miki4 was introduced for both Miki4 and Roxie.

    Honestly, I found wrangling the figure specific weight maps to be less time consuming than trying to convert from another figure. It was simply faster to load the object into the fitting room and rigging for the other figure.

    Modeling took less time....I used the object from Figure1 and made adjustments for Figure2 in the modeler. But, rigging was simply faster in the Poser Fitting Room than trying to make Roxie's weight maps work on Miki4.

    But, if you are asking if I "borrow" a rig for something I did earlier for Miki4 and copy the Joints from that dress to the new one......absolutely! Every single rig! My first step out of the fitting room is to load something closely matching the new clothing and Copy Joints From. But all from the same figure - I don't use cross figure joints in in that case.

  • Just a note....Copy Joints From is very much like we use to rig for V4 with a "template" rig. We didn't rig every dress from scratch - we opened a previously rigged dress and changed the object file name to the new object. Then, you just alter the rigging to fit the new dress - I never made ghost bones for a skirt after I made the first set - I used the same ghost bones, the entire CR2 on every new dress.

    With spherical rigging, we had to do that in a text editor or PFE. Since Poser Pro 12 we do it right inside Poser using Copy Joints From.

  • @Glitterati3D Thanks for the reply, Traci.

  • @eclark18941 You're welcome. And, just FYI, any vendor who wants to "borrow" the rig from a Glitterati3D product is welcome to do so for commercial products. I see no reason for all of us to re-invent the wheel every time we make a pair of pants for Dusk or Dawn.

  • @Glitterati3D You got anything for Luna? I was in the Laundromat the other day, washing my phone, and discovering that it wasn't waterproof, when I saw this cute little girl in bangs and ponytails. Honestly, she made me thing of a cross between Luna and Diva in age.

  • @eclark18941 I do. Several freebies, in fact............however.......

    Luna's Poser version has a rigging issue that prevents commercial quality Poser products. I have found nothing that can fix the issue.

    This texture stretching is created by a CTRL morph that prevents correction in the rig. That's just not commercial quality in my opinion.

  • @Glitterati3D at least it's on the back...