CSP link broken, uninstallable on new PC. Help urgently?

  • Hi!

    I have a huge problem. My old computer crashed and I recently moved over to a new windows. I seemed to have trouble activating the program with the licence key, so I merrily went into my email to re-download the CSP exe. file from the link that was sent to me with my purchase, to start afresh so to say. ALAS
    Unlike the mac exe. file, the windows.exe link redirects me to this.

    HTTP Status 404 - Not Found

    type Status report

    message Not Found

    description The requested resource is not available.
    Apache Tomcat/7.0.70

    So...am I unable, then, to ever access the program ever again? Is my purchase somehow nullified now that I've switched PCs?

    ps: I was forced to recreate another account here, because for some reason my previous email login details is not being accepted, as if it doesn't exist on the database...yet I receive Smith Micro promo emails all the time?? What is happening.

  • Download the trial version. Enter your serial number to activate it.

    • garlam said, "Download the trial version. Enter your serial number to activate it."

    I am possibly going to be in a similar position soon; needing to reinstall. Does this automatically de-authenticate past installations? (Which is what I'm hoping)

  • When you have to reinstall on another PC you will have to go through a few screens to deactivate the other install. But if you can, uninstall one of the other installations beforehand.