Simple Bones Single Skin?

  • Hey has anyone played around with this Skinning Method before? I just tried it on a WM'ed figure but I'm not having much success in making sense of how it works. It was showing ridges I couldn't edit away. Maybe its because I used a figure with WMs that extend beyond the traditional bodypart? Should I start off with a simpler rig perhaps?

  • Simple bones is basically the same as 1D FBX rigging. (one map per bone, with body groupings)
    Body grouping is very important or it goes a tad berserk, just as you discovered.
    You basically want the groups to end right at the joint.

    You can do semi decent rigging with it for games, etc. But keep in mind that many of the older engines used all triangles and something else to smooth the out. (Tessellation, etc) You can also do it with a single skin figure, but you will need a lot of bones to do so. This can be done on any FBX style figure for the most part. You can use multiple bones on a limb if you need more maps on it, similar to how Genesis 3 is set up. Blend shapes or morphs, will be dependent on what engine or program you are going to use it in.

    Conformers can be an issue. Most simple bone figures and conformers are combined then mapped as one figure to keep it as light as possible for whatever game engine you choose to use it in. Armor, etc, can be done with basically the same way we parent props in Poser to body parts, so it follows the bone but ignores the mapping. Think shoulder pads, head armor, boots, etc. used in many games with upgradable armor. Chest and leg armor can be done a few different ways, since those will bend.

    Other than for exporting for a game engine or specific program, I see little use for simple skinning in Poser. If you are going to export it for use in a game, you can do that in with Poser, Poser Pro being a far better option due to the other features it has.

  • @shvrdavid hm ok. I was considering something else but it sounds that I need to stay away from this hehehe. Cheers for the info shvr!