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  • I call this one Victor 8, since he's basically just a masculinized version of Victoria 8.


  • @glossaphile Really cool that you can do that with her. It makes it nice that you can use the mesh in so many different ways, and opens up a lot of doors when creating.

  • Sunset 25

  • @ghostship Perfect lighting on this one.

  • 0_1512935188562_DuskHoodedVest.jpg

  • @ghostship said in Post Your SuperFly Renders:

    a winter scene for December

    Very nice! I've been playing with snow materials over the weekend, so this is right up my alley at the moment.

    I like the flatness of the light, if that's the correct term.

  • @adosity skydome with HDRI for lighting on that

  • 0_1513109270993_DinnerTopOfTheWorld.jpg

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    Messing around with Pauline's morphs to see what I could achieve. I am finally getting a handle on the controls for her face. This should make the transition to Project Evolution fairly seamless.

  • Wow, the renders in Superfly are getting better and better compared to what I remember a year ago or so! It looks like I have a lot of catching up to do so I'm scouring all forums for help. I just got Poser 11 Pro the other day and have only about 10 more days of work before winter break - so excited!

  • @kalypso I think we've all learned a lot over the last year! But I think there's lots of folks who use Superfly almost exclusively now.

    That means there's a whole lot of folks who can answer questions - so don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

  • 0_1513211858834_pauline hair test 2.jpg

    pauline hair test (commercial modeled hair i just bought)
    I am still new to poser, have it since a week and I am playing around with the renderes
    I am unsatisfied with the fact that the characters all seem so young, I would like some age and more character

    Of course thats also cause it's a neutral expression and I do like the rendering though its just a test

  • @starlingblue That's so true about age. The Gen4 figures seem to default to "mid-twenties." Make them younger? No problem! With aging morphs, making them 60+ is easily doable, too. But want a character who looks in the "mid-thirties-to-fifty" range? Good luck. :(

  • @Zaarin I have noticed there are only a handful of people looking for older characters, though, so maybe that is fueling the younger models. Most of those asking about different aged characters are doing online comics, and I think they have to get around it with post editing when there are no morphs and skin textures available. Going all the way back, the figures that have been released have been the younger ones, because that is what was selling, or so it seems.

  • V3 has a mid-thirties look to her but I think they don't offer her any more.

  • @rokketman There's a fairly nice "older" morph for DawnSE for free at Hivewire:


  • Nice! I didn't think about that one.

  • Victor 8 returns, and this time he brought his family! This is an update to an experiment I originally did with Genesis 1, and the relative ease with which it can be done is one of the perks of being able to morph the same base figure between sexes and ages. All three of these figures are Genesis 8 Female. The adult male character is again a masculinized Victoria 8, and the adult female character is a custom body morph combined with a head morph named Chenoa that came as part of an ethnic face package from Daz (this one's American Indian). The little girl was created by dialing the head morphs to 50% Victoria 8 and 50% Chenoa and then applying child morphs from the Growing Up pack, also from Daz. The result is (hopefully) a convincing family portrait.


    The point here is that you don't have to resort to trial-and-error dial-spinning to make a child resemble his/her parents. Both the mother and the father's face morphs are available in the same base figure, and each one can be easily masculinized or feminized (such that a son can greatly resemble his mother without appearing too feminine or a daughter can greatly resemble her father without appearing too masculine). This makes it a simple matter of dialing the face morphs for both parents to partial values that together add up to 1. I went for an even 50/50 resemblance in this case, but of course, you could vary the relative genetic contributions as desired (e.g. 60/40, 80/20, etc).

  • @glossaphile Nice, but why is the kid's head so big? It's way out of proportion to his/her body.