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  • @trekkiegrrrl That works rather well.

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    Working on terrains; made progress on the very close/far away issue today. Lots more to do so these are WIPs but they're coming along ...

    0_1515971336354_test8 ed.jpg

    0_1515971355802_test9 ed.jpg

  • @caisson Beautiful! Really looking forward to this set!

  • @caisson

    Wow... stunning

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    Whaw, great work, looking very nice indeed. Good Job.

  • @Glitterati3D said in Post Your SuperFly Renders:

    @caisson Beautiful! Really looking forward to this set!

    Me too Tracy. This is stunning for sure.

  • PE (Eithne) with ERC driven Tensor flexion deformers (muscle bulge over spur of flexed femur) & secondary breast ghost bones, single, linear falloff deformer hair draping (needs more layering at the scalp boundary for a smoother transition), ShaderWorks' Postwork Manager applied watermark & fully procedural marching spiral rainbow texture on Ghostman's bikini. Reflections from parabolic mirror and false perspective water plane over Summi Pool HDRI background on EnvSphere.
    0_1516007040158_Eithne Submissive.jpg

  • @anomalaus This is an awesome render. I wish you could have used Bullet physics on her breasts and bikini top though to add more weight to them. Would have also been more realistic to add ripples in the water around the knee and feet using the morph brush.

  • @eclark1849 thanks, unfortunately, the water plane is both large (covering the ground plane intersection with the environment sphere) and a rather low density mesh. Subdividing it sufficiently to support believable ripples of the correct scale for such a shallow body of water, without micro-polygon displacement available in SuperFly, gives a huge polygon count. The plane is deformed to form a tangent with the line of sight, close to the horizon vanishing point, so reflections from the environment sphere are more believable. It would be lovely if Poser were to incorporate one of the newer Blender proposed features and implement Z-dependent subdivision (detail where detail is required, but not where it's of little use).

    Bullet/softbody physics is a good idea, but, as with all simulation methods, difficult to integrate into a scene of still poses. My compromise was this ongoing experiment with secondary ghost bones in the breasts, which are intended to hinge from the nipple (pointing back toward the spine) and simulate the soft-body deformations of the breasts (chest actor). I have run into difficulty with Poser's current implementation of weight map influences by grandchild actors of their grandparent (i.e. chest-rBreast-rBreast2). Despite the origin of the secondary breast bones following the endpoints of the primary breast bones, Poser continues to calculate the weight map influence of Breast2 rotations on the chest as though the original Breast bones were in their default, zero rotation position, rather than where they are currently rotated to, as though the secondary breast bones were at the same hierarchical level, rather than being grandchildren of the chest.

    This render was also a test for some additional bones on the hair, but I suck at weight map painting (must write a script to implement procedural field weight mapping, some day) and came closest to the effect I wanted with a single deformer.

    In a similar vein, if I didn't generate such hard vacuum while postworking, I could fix most problems that way, but what's the point of 3DCG if you can't do everything from concept to render in it?

  • I was sorta trying to prove a point here: That you don't ALWAYS need the latest and greatest to do nice pics. So .. here's Mike2. My own morph and texture. And EZSkin3 as well as the benefits of Superfly applied. :)
    Still Alive

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    0_1516086464450_pa 2 2bc.jpg

  • My favourite clothing AS Ave Adore rendered in Poser Pro 11 with SuperFly

    alt text

  • Hi guys

    I'm just in middle reworking one scene for friend and depends on friend if allows me to release this as freebie but here is quick 45 sample render,ignore boots and mid room table

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11 That looks awesome! I would love that set <3

  • Still playing with old toys and enjoying my new PP11 :)
    Once again, Mike2, the Toy dog and Stonemason's A Quiet Street. I like Superfly a lot. :D
    's alright, boy

  • @jura11 That looks awesome,but I couldn't ignore those boots that gave the scene a whole different context :)


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  • Just playing and watching at whatever emerges XD

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

  • As Jack Nicholson said in the first Batman: "Wait til they get a load of me..."

  • This one's probably not technically NSFW, but just in case...

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