Post Your SuperFly Renders

  • @thoennes Thanks, but it's a local who picked up a branch from a tree as he approached her! LOL!

  • @rokketman Hmmm.... I'm gonna have to put my money on her, then. Maybe the local is way skilled in the ancient art of "Dead Tree Branch Technique", but I'm going with "lightsaber" on this. Plus, cool outfit. Side bet on the time "dead-tree-branch-person" lasts?

  • I added a few more layers in Substance Painter.

    0_1560704817947_pa2 armor new uv 12.jpg

    0_1560704844476_pa2 armor new uv 13.jpg

  • I need to render this armor in Firefly. I have a ton of detail in the maps and without micro polygon displacement they don't show up in Superfly well.

    It looks a lot better in Substance Painter, lol....

  • I could use some help. I would like to get something similar to the EZ skin results-while using the provided NORMAL MAP. I have an Obi-Wan character. When I render (Superfly) using the original Poser "material tree" I can see the head furrow and eye wrinkles from the Normal Map. When I switch to EZSkin3 I get a more realistic skin. But Normal map does not have an effect-even when I plug it into the node connections for Normal on the EZ Skin Mat (except under certain lighting-then it seems to cause reflection, Here is the appearance with the standard Poser shader set up. Followed by EZskin-cycles *which ignores the Normal map-instead using the bump run through something called Bump to Normal"
    0_1560708811856_ObieRT_normal.jpg 0_1560708873756_ObieRT.png

  • If I connect the normal map directly to the Normal inputs with the Ezskin set up-it does nothing except under Infinite lighting. In which case I see the forehead crease but get weird render artifacts 0_1560709194960_ObieNormHighLowglossInfinite.jpg 0_1560709123729_ObieNormHighLowglossInfinite.jpg

  • To use a normal map with cycles you have to connect the map to a NormalMap node. You find it under New Node/Cycles/Vector/NormalMap.

    Ensure that gamma for the normal map is set to 1 in the Image_Map node and leave Space to default tangent in the NormalMap node. Connect the Normal output of the NormalMap node to the Normal input of the “Bump to Normal” node. You may have to play with the strength value of the NormalMap node.


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    This is an old head morph I made for Dawn many years ago that I wanted to play with again, here combined with "Body Type-2". So this is 100% my original body and head shapes. I am happy how it came out. ^____^

    alt text

  • @ken1171 I'm happy how it came out, too. :)

    She's happy, you're happy, and I'm happy!

  • "Good morning, Alita"
    0_1560779632360_Good Morning Alita.jpg
    Just another dream (Alita with a human body, but still the anime face) in @jura11 's Classic Bedroom. LittleDragon's tank top, Hongyu's Panties (incredibly detailed, but a nightmare to morph), and FKDesign's KiriTe hair (heavily morphed and deformed) on V4WM+++.

  • 0_1560785941981_BookNook1.jpg
    Testing and more testing to get some really nice comfortable lighting.

    Managed to get some nice blowout which I think adds the realism I'm trying to attain, I haven't tweaked the window pain material so I dunno if it's reflecting properly, but I think the render came out nice. I think it also helps that STZ scenes are super detailed and don't need much too look awesome. lol

  • @johndoe641 I'm a big fan of the STZ stuff. Very realistic results. And yet, they're not generally brutal to Poser, even on my laptop. They strike me to be a nice balance in the models and textures. I think a lot of it is the composition. Like the way those blankets and pillows are setup. Looks good!

  • @nagra_00_ Thanks Nagra! That worked well!0_1560816483458_ObiRTCyclesNormal.jpg

  • @pelagius niiiiiiice! like "studio" nice O.O

  • Sometimes I get excited about getting a new scene to a certain state and blindly ignore the obvious flaws in a render before posting it. Following the other threads about denoising SF renders, I discovered a light in the scene that was turned off, and turned it back on. Bumping up the Branched Path Tracing samples from 7 to 8 (effectively 49 to 64) seems to be worthwhile in reducing, but not eliminating all of the Fireflies in the previous render.

    With some judicious, selective grouping and deformer action on the duvet to remove obvious mesh intersections, plus clothing and breast tweaks, here's an improved version:
    0_1560857642105_Good Morning Alita 2.jpg
    I'm happier with this version.

  • @anomalaus nicely tweaked :)+

  • @thoennes what you don't see behind the scenes, is that she's about to be turned into a toffee apple!
    0_1560865512646_Good Morning Alita 2 Behind The Scenes.png
    ;-) mirror of the original pose from Mechasar's Slime Attack - Vol 1.

  • @thoennes Thanks!

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    Made with Dawn + Body Type-2 + MiniMorphs Hero + Narrow Shoulders + Perfect Pelvis. Rendered in Poser with Superfly.

    alt text

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    Testing some new shaders and getting the cloth room working ...



    The cobble stone ground is a new shader I'm working on.