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  • 0_1560095100137_Elektra.jpg
    I got carried away and made the overcoat and the scythes.

  • @rokketman aren't her weapons examples of a Sai? I think a scythe is what the Grim Reaper carries, a harvesting tool.
    0_1560145528466_Sai.jpg vs
    Scythe 0_1560145592861_220px-Scythe_against_hedge.jpg
    Of course, dual wielding scythes would be awesome, in a Darth Maul kind of way ;-)

  • @anomalaus You're right. I knew what it was called, didn't bother to look up the spelling. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Fanart of Youko Littner from the Lagann Gurren TV series. Done with Dawn + Body Type-2 + custom tweaks + Willow, rendered in Poser with Superfly.

    alt text

  • @ghostman That's horrible. Someone quickly morph her some parents, for goodness sakes.

  • @thoennes don't forget that in Poser, everyone's eventually parented to the UNIVERSE! Now that the lastest release of Poser no longer crashes when we reach out to touch the ultimate parent, it should all be happy hierarchies forever, now ;-)

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    @anomalaus Haha good one! 🤣

  • ***=NSFW content slime squick***

    click to show

    I finally finished hand tweaking all of the Genesis 3 poses for Mechasar's Slime Attack product to match my standard proportioned V4 character. Quite the difficult feat given their diverse torso and limb proportions. I originally used a script to add standard T-Pose adjustments to match the figures' default positions, and I added extra actors to V4, like pelvis, abdomen2, chest2, etc. which will take poses designed for genesis and distribute them accordingly to the real body parts of V4. This means I can also directly apply Dawn poses, for instance.

    The scene is Stonemason's Dungeon, which I used 4 rotated copies of, leaving a square hole in the middle, which I filled with a box I removed the top of in the grouping tool, scaled and translated to match the hole, inverted the normals, then spawned as a prop and textured to match the floor. There are some minor gaps, but the render didn't make them stand out too badly.

    I used another python script to clone the camera I'm using to another camera at the appropriate separation (63mm average inter-eye spacing) and convergent angle, then rendered separately with each camera and pasted the output together in PS to give a Cross-eyed Stereo pair. Note that the image is large (3680x1840), so some may have difficulty crossing their eyes far enough for the full size picture, unless their monitor is Retina resolution.

    The slime is using Volumetric absorption and volumetric scatter. The fireflies are a bit distracting, because they're not identical in the two stereo images, but it's not too bad, I think. I deliberately went for a bright, yellow tinted point light to simulate a flaming torch in a dungeon, and the apparent overexposure on the hands and face is deliberate in order to have the light penetrate the slime sufficiently.

  • @anomalaus Interesting render. It looks like all the hard work paid off!

  • I downloaded Elizabeth 2, a figure made by Dodger, and I decided to go ahead and install her and see what she was made of.
    I had to tweak some of the materials to jive with Superfly, but overall, the extra work was worth the effort. She comes with a short African hair prop, but I like to experiment. I had to use the clothing that came with her until I get around to making my own.

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    Made with Dawn + Body Type-8 + Narrow Shoulders + Universal Anime Head. Rendered in Poser with Superfly.

    alt text

  • This is so happening. I have to model that outfit and bring Jasmine to life...

  • @rokketman You can fit V4 clothing fairly easily.

  • @robzhena I like to model all my own stuff.

  • Doodling again, making textures to see (find) uv issues. There are some rigging challenges as well, lol...

    0_1560492887702_pa2 arm new uv3.jpg

    0_1560492858517_pa2 arm new uv4.jpg

    0_1560492474028_pa2 armor new uv 11.jpg

  • @shvrdavid Nice doodle :)

  • 0_1560500250733_Jasmine.jpg
    Jasmine is done. I did the whole costume: shoes, pants, top, necklace, earrings and tiara.

  • @rokketman overachiever! :p
    very nice :)

  • @thoennes Thanks!

  • 0_1560543353782_Princess of the evening.jpg
    Continuing the everlasting quest for realism...
    My own character based on V4. Skin and hair shaders done with EZSkin3. One single area light. No post work.

    I found out that an important part of a realistic skin is the correct amount of bump. Unfortunately EZSkin3 only provides a factor that multiplies the bump map, which quickly leads to saturation (resulting white bump map). So I left the original value (which was way too low) and used a Python script from Karina called Bump Displacement (no clue where I once got that from) to change the root node bump values of all skin parts to 0.2 centimeters, which in result looks quite nice.