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    @piersyf This is awesome.

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    This is the graveyard, so possibly something from a b-wing
    The explosion is done via particles3+. The dress is simmed with VWD. Hair props was done with combining some of biscuits hair props.
    I added motion blur as well on the tie fighters and bb-8

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    Saw a character I had to get today ... used an old hair piece and this is just the construct sand and sky with an ambient 2 setting and an infinite lights set to 300. I even liked the standard V4 pose. It works for this. Textures for figure and hair enhanced with EZskin3.


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    Oddly it's called Quaker and called Sapphire Fox ... not sure why. But a lot of the older hair is excellent.

  • Hey Boni, nice render! If you'd like the harsh shadows you get from desert light maybe try reducing ambient to 1.2 and leave the infinite at 300%... I'd even have a go at an ambient of 0.9 to deepen the shadows even further and to get a harder blue in the sky. Just a few options...

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    @James_in_3D Radient Jaguar Hair is another by the same person, although they don't go by Quarker for that hair ... the thumbnail is the same though ...0_1465386147679_Jag_hair.jpg

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  • @James_in_3D Love the Suburban/panel van.

    Great model and picture. Love the older looking stuff. (My dream car is a Hudson Terraplane Bonnie and Clyde resto-mod).

    If you want to really freak people out, set a figure as a "photographer shooting the truck" with a camera prop right where the view is taken from.The reflection of that figure in the paint ( I see this in car mags all the time) would make people think it was a live shot.

  • Since I'm still Poser 10 (and will be for awhile) I can only give Firefly. This is my third Render Setup using Jessie Hi Res as the base. Saved the character to use in future book covers/Promo posters for my ongoing Detective Noir SciFi series.Her name is Kinky. And she doesn't like being snuck up on, even when she may (or may not) be illegally searching a warehouse.

    I am using mostly stock poses with "By hand" fit morphs, Wardrobe wizard (Phil C is a nice guy for support) and had ALL KINDS OF HAIR/SHOE issues. This is mostly freebies stuff (Hangar by Mausel) from CGshare, Renderosity and Content Paradise. Some things were on sale at Renderosity, so they made it too.

    Lighting is fun to play with and the Eye focus was a pain.0_1465779371416_Untitled.png

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    Stonemason's old (circa 2004) Level 019 model; it came with P4, PP (Poser 4 Pro Pack), and P5 materials. I've made Superfly materials for it, including working lights (i.e., they actually cast light).
    alt text

  • That's looking great Seach. I don't recall it ever looking that good when I rendered it, but of course that was in an older version DS when I got it. I don't recall playing with it when I got back to Poser with version 9. I'll definitely have to check it out in PP11 now.

    You're SuperFly materials are really great Seach. Keep up the good work. :-)

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    Well, I rarely render something, but here goes a SuperFly.

    • Brewery from sharecg, (partial)
    • Customised Lo Res Figure
    • Own Swimsuit

  • @piersyf said in Post Your SuperFly Renders:

    alt text

    Morning light. No interior lighting, just ambient through the windows. 7.5 hour render because the memory exceeded the GPU capacity. This is a part of my learning to break down large scenes for better memory management.

    This is exactly the effect I'm trying to get. How did you do this? Can you show the shaders? I'm trying to light my scene using an image of a night time cityscape glowing through the windows and the room wall lights turned low to fill in the shadows a bit. I have a large plane with the image on it but using the emission nodes gets me nothing. If I just use the image in the Ambient slot it shows up, but doesn't give me a 'glow' or cast it's light into the room through the windows.
    Thanks for your help,

  • @Bobb In this case the light comes from 2 sources, an infinite light and a skydome (not a plane, a full dome). The light is at 4500% and the dome is at ambient 45 in the case given above. No special shaders at all, I just set the ambient value to 45 on the dome, compared to the default value of 1. I used one of the 'skies of economy' domes, but any dome with an appropriate image attached will do the same.
    Almost everything I know about lighting in Poser Superfly (or Firefly using IDL) I put into a tutorial. It's 51 pages long (including the pictures!) and you can get it here if you want

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    @Bobb Try using the LightPath node to boost the response of Superfly to the ambient strength.

    Superfly MAT assortment
    This pack of MT5/MC6 files includes an Ambient boost nodes MT5.
    alt text
    Right-click on it to select it in the library, then go down to the bottom and mouse over the check mark icons; left-click the one set to add the nodes to your material (not replace your material).

    Plug your texture in to the two places indicated.
    alt text
    Adjust the amount of lightcasting boost by adjusting the color box (right column of nodes); light shades will give gentle boost, while dark shades will increase boost.

    When you render, give mesh light samples a value of 7-15.

  • This is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for.
    I've downloaded your tutorial piersyf, thanks. Thanks seachnasaigh, for your shaders. I had a hell of a time getting the file from Dropbox as I'm a paranoid sort who NEVER signs up for anything. I managed to employ a workaround and minor hack to get it. It actually stopped raining in the colonies meaning that I'll be outside clearing the fallen trees from the winter (damn ice storms!).

  • 0_1466098985697_Satin and Velvet.jpg
    Quick render test of my satin and velvet materials on a V4. Gotta love the Superfly area lights! I placed just one of those in the front above her head to light this image. The skin is the result of the marvellous EZSkin3.

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    Superfly enviroment. Postworked bit with curves in PS .