50% Off Poser Pro 11 Again - Query For SM About Upgrades

  • Just received an email about this, and I may just be able to scrape the funds together this time.

    When you buy an upgrade you have to give a serial number for an appropriate product - in my case it would be Pro 2014.

    Can somebody confirm that if I give my Poser Pro 2014 serial number to buy an upgrade to Poser Pro 11 I will be able to:

    1. Continue using Poser Pro 2014 as well as using Poser Pro 11.
    2. Still be able to download Poser Pro 2014 in the future from SM if necessary.

    TIA, either way.

  • You will still be able to use PoserPro 2014 along side Poser Pro 11 as they install into different folders.

    You should still be able to download PoserPro 2014 in the future using the Download Manager. You put in the relevant serial number (eg, PoserPro2014 or PoserPro11) and it brings up the downloads for that serial.

  • yep. Both work and can access the runtime folders I have on my second hard drive.

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    I think you can use as many different Poser versions as you want :)

    I have 6 different versions installed on my PC for testing purposes.

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    Screenshot of desktop of workstation Cameron; P11Pro & QM11 icons are now at top; the older versions are still there.
    0_1496597504184_Poser icons old.PNG

  • Thanks all. Good to know that Poser Pro 11 installs into a separate folder, as I'd hoped/expected (I already have Poser 6, 8, 9, PP2014(32bit) and PP2014(64bit) installed on my sytem and use them all, except perhaps Poser 8).

    My understanding of 'upgrade' pricing has always been that it's a special discounted price for people who already own a previous version. Entering a serial number for a previous version is simply providing proof that you're entitled to the discounted price. The old serial number remains valid for the old product,and you get a new serialnumber withthe new product.

    My main concern was that, although this has always been the case in the past, with recent changes I'm not taking anything for granted.