Updater download error

  • I've successfully downloaded the latest Poser 11 update for SP4, but the content update is behaving oddly. Download Manager says there's 500.72MiB, but the download continues beyond that point then fails with a download error. I wasn't watching at the point where it failed, but I took a screenshot at the point where 792.68 MiB of 500.72 MiB had been downloaded. :) I think it was well into the 800s when it failed.

    Anybody else seeing this? It could be my company's firewall playing silly devils, but they do have a far superior download speed so I'm reluctant to try it at home unless that's the only solution.

  • @englishbob I downloaded yesterday, got the 500.72 file size and it downloaded and installed with no problems at all.

  • Yep, worked fine at home. Seems like our IT department have been tinkering with the threat management systems.

  • Inveterate Tinkerers :grin: