Cape rigging

  • So I want to make a rigged cape (I don't want to use bullet physics for more overall control) I'm trying to find the optimal way to rig an object like this. Right now I just have a straight line of bones, like so: 0_1497131939339_upload-3a096c54-58e6-47ec-bf45-7623872460b0

    This works, but it give very little control to the edges of the cape, so I'm looking for a way I could rig a cape more like this:
    (sorry for the quick sketches but hopefully you get the rough idea)
    Would anyone know of a way to rig it in such a way without causing the mesh to split?

  • @pip.jr

    Unfortunately if you rigged the cape with the bones you have shown in diagram 2 it would rip the mesh.

    Capes and skirts can be set up using either dynamics or ghost bones.

    If you want to use rigging I don't think you would need as many ghost bones to control the edges of the cape as you have shown in your diagram, I wouldn't use more than 2 or at the very most 4.

    This would be a possible rigging setup for the cape with 4 ghost bones.
    Yellow - Normal bones.
    Blue - Ghost Bones showing their rigging connections.

    ![alt text](0_1497136674563_cape-bones.jpg image url)

  • You can rig it weight mapped without ghost bones. I would rig it this way, and then morphs for the fly aways.

  • @adi So, you seem to have the ghost bones having two parents, how do I do this in the set up room?

  • Teyon did cape rigging for Rokket some years back in both a written tute on Rendo and a vid on Youtube. Here is a link to the video.

    Rendo's search function doesn't work well for me so give it a shot yourself to find the written one.

  • @parkdalegardener:Thanks for the link [Youtube] very useful information