Is there a scaling morph tool?

  • I am trying to create morph targets in a prop and need to scale one of the groups along a single axis. I can't get the desired effect with the morph tool. The parameter scale control doesn't recognise the restriction option of the morphing tool and scales the entire prop. I saw some custom-morph x,y,z scaling controls on one of the tutorials but don't know how it was done. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  • This sounds like a job for a magnet, if you want to do it within Poser. Personally, I'd probably make a morph like that in an external modeller.

  • I am trying to morph a torus into an oval toroid. I agree it would be easier with an external modeller. I gave up after trying for over a week to export morph targets from Carrara to Poser. I upgraded to Poser Pro, hoping to create morphs for props but its a very steep learning curve. I now know there isn't a morph scaling tool but I believe it can be done by rigging my prop.

  • The easiest method would be to download the one I made already: - admittedly, nowhere near as educational though. :)

    That prop and its morphs was made in a modeller, incidentally.

  • Thanks, that is an interesting Coincidence. I have to do my morph in Poser otherwise I couldn't justify the massive price tag. :-)

  • All my downloads have a no-quibble money back guarantee. ;)