Wacom touch ring rotate function not working with CSP Ex 1.6.2 on MobileStudio Pro 16, Windows 10

  • Some context. The hardware system I'm working with is a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16, fully loaded (16 gig etc). The operating system is Microsoft Windows "Creative" version 10.0.15063 Build 15063. The Wacom driver version is 6.3.22-6. Finally, my Clip Studio Paint Ex (64 bit) version is 1.6.2.

    The trouble. The Wacom touch ring default functions on the MobileStudio Pro 16 work in Clip Studio Paint Ex, with the exception of the rotate function. The three other predefined functions work fine--those are Autoscroll/Zoom, cycle layers, and brush size. But selecting the rotate function and moving around the touch ring in the CW or CCW directions has no effect. Accessing the rotate function through the view menu works in Clip Studio Paint Ex.

    It appears that on the Mac, Clip Studio Paint expects a + for rotate right and a - for rotate left. It's not so obvious what the mapping is in Windows. No key mappings seem to be defined. Is this the default? Is this a known trouble?

  • @flengyel Here's a correction and a solution.

    CORRECTION. On the mac, rotate right (clockwise, CW) is ^, not the plus sign (I need new glasses). Rotate left (counter-clockwise, CCW) is defined to be the dash - on the mac (that was correct).


    • The first step is to define keyboard shortcuts in Clip Studio Paint for rotate right and rotate left. Go to the shortcut settings and select the (tiny!) icon next to View. This will expose the View menu commands. Next, select the (tiny!) icon next to Rotate/Invert and scroll down to Rotate Left. Click the Edit shortcut button. This will open a white input box. Enter a dash (-). Click OK. Click on Rotate Right, then click on Edit shortcut. Enter the carat. This will show up in the input box as {Shift}6. Select OK. The defines the keyboard shortcuts for Rotate Left and Rotate Right.

    • The second step is to configure the Wacom Touch Wheel to send the dash and the carat, respectively. Bring up the Wacom Tablet Properties utility, and select the Touch Wheel. I also selected Clip Studio Paint as the application for this assignment. Define the key on the touch wheel assigned to the rotate function (on my system, this is the left button) by selecting the key and clicking on Keystroke. Assign the dash to the top box (rotate left) and the carat {Shift}6 to the bottom box (rotate right).

    That's it. In Clip Studio Paint, select the rotate button on the touch wheel if this is not selected. Scrolling to the left (CW) on the touch ring will send a - to Clip Studio Paint, which is the key now assigned to Rotate Left. The canvas will rotate to the left. Likewise, scrolling to the right (CW) on the touch ring will send {Shift}6 to Clip Studio Paint, which will rotate the canvas right.

    On the mac, the second step should be sufficient, but I haven't tried this.