Is There ANY Way To Use Poser 8 With IE11 Installed ?

  • I don't use IE.

    Way back in Oct 2013 I wrote over at Renderosity that "Poser 8/9 has stopped working after IE10 Win7 64bit update?". As a result of that thread I reverted to IE9 and installed Microsoft's IE update blocker.

    All was fine for a few years.

    I've just installed IE11 on my Windows 7 laptop (something else 'needs' it). Poser 8/9 now once again have an empty pane where the library should be.

    Here are my Poser version numbers, and the library problem status:

    Poser 6 ( - no problem.
    Poser 8 ( - library pane problem as noted
    Poser 9 ( - library pane problem as noted
    PP2014 (, both 32 and 64 bit) - no problem

    All except Poser 9 are up-to-date (actually my Poser 6 seems to be ahead, since the latest update on the SM site is only*).
    I just brought Poser 9 up-to-date - I downloaded and installed Poser 9 SR3 Win SR3.2 (which updates to Now the Poser 9 library is okay.

    I think that at the time of the original thread and the Poser 9 Win SR3.2 fix SM confirmed that there would be no fix for Poser 8.

    On another Renderosity thread bagginsbill mentioned an alternative HTML library ( ), but says that was only intriduced (and rescinded) at Poser 10 ? I checked my Poser 8 poser.ini file just in case, and there's no LIBRARY_EMBEDDED_TYPE entry in it.

    So Is There ANY Way To Use Poser 8 With IE11 Installed ?

  • According to this page I don't think it does past Windows 8 or with IE11. I have not tried it in a virtual machine thou.

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    The external library was only in the pro version of Poser (P8 Pro), not in the standard P8.
    P8 and P9 use the IE Kit to host the flash library. The kit uses IE code which IE11 replaces and which is not compatible with how the IE kit was used in Poser. SM made a patch for P9 and P10 at that time, but not for P8 since there were too many changes in the code between P8 and P9.
    One trick you might try is to load the flash component directly in IE 11 and see if that works.

  • Thanks both. I think I'll just forget Poser 8 then.

    (I don't follow the comment about loading the flash component directly in IE11. How would I do that, and how might that help? Virtual machines - I've never used them, and don't think I want to start just to run Poser 8. My brain is seriously running out of space, and I have to forget things to free up space to learn new things! )