Import of animated obj files from Blender

  • Hello people

    I s there a way to import animated OBJ files from blender to poser.

    In blender I can export the animation of the fluid as single obj files for every frame. But if I want to import them into poser I have to do that manualy. That would be much work if you have an fluid animation of 200 frames or more.

    Is there an ohther way or a script wich organize the import of the animation with the obj frame-files?

  • There is a python script to do it in Vue here.

    I am sure it needs tweaked to work in Poser, but the basic concept of how it is done is in the script.
    My Python is not the best, but that would give someone else a good start on how to do it.

  • @shvrdavid Thank you very much. I've found the script there, but if it doesn't work in poser so at it is, i can't use it. I have not the time to learn phyton at the moment. I know different script languages, but I never worked with phyton..

    There is no other way to import animated objects? I think animated FBX or other formats does not work in poser?

  • FBX figures will load in Poser Pro, but I have not tried animation.

  • @joker We've talked about this in here before. If you are talking about a fluid sim, then each obj will have a different number of verts so can't be loaded as morphs of the first one, which would mean importing all of them and then making them all,, bar one, hidden in each frame. Materials would need to be applied to each object.

    My own preference would be...

    Import Obj in frame 1
    Apply materials
    Then have a script that
    Copy materials
    render frame 1
    delete obj from frame1
    looad obj2 into frame2
    apply materials (from copy)
    render frame 2
    delete obj from frame2
    repeat to end of frames

    If the first object needed to be moved then the location could also be applied to subsequent objects in the same way the materials are

  • @amethystpendant Thank you very much

    you have that script?