Poser Library Pane Taking Ages To Display Folders/Files

  • This applies in all my Poser versions (Poser 8 (no library at all after IE11), Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2014), except Poser 6. They're all up to date with the latest SR.

    I have eight runtimes on a separate partition of my hard disk (which is reserved for Poser runtimes and DS content, - 93/100GB used on that partition), plus another in my Poser 6 installation, plus the PP2014 content on another partition.

    Almost all my Poser content is compressed (crz not cr2, obz not obj, etc).

    I use many levels of subfolders in my library, e.g. "Runtime:libraries:Character:!Folk:!DAZ:!V4:V4 Gear:V4 Aermy (AS):Bodice.crz"

    The problem doesn't always occur. Sometimes the library displays at acceptable speed. The problem, when it occurs, is most noticeable when I open Poser and try to drill down to one of the deeply nested subfolders. For the example path above I'd get to "Runtime:libraries:Character:!Folk" and have to wait a bit to see the contents of that folder. I'd then open "!DAZ" and wait again, then "!V4" and wait again, then "V4 Gear" and wait ages. While I'm waiting here the plain yellow folder icons for the 200 or so sub-folders I have here appear. If I open any of these subfolders I see nothing inside. I go back up to the "V4 Gear" folder and wait ages again. Eventually pictures start appearing on the folders, at a rate of about one folder per second. If I open any of these subfolders before the pictures have appeared on all of them I still see nothing (I'm fairly sure that's the case). If I wait until all the subfolders have a picture and then open a subfolder, it depends where in the library pane the subfolder I open is. If it's near the top I wait maybe a few seconds. If it's near the bottom I have to wait ages again.

    It appears to me that the library code is extracting the thumbnail image for every folder/Poser file at a specific nesting level before it will even start to look at the next level down.

    The fact that it sometimes doesn't seem to take ages makes me think that when the problem occurs it's rebuilding a database/thumbnail list or some such thing.

    I don't recall it ever being as bad as it is now. However, maybe I used to be far more patient?

    Just in case my preferences may be involved - in Poser9/PP2014 'Edit > General Preferences > Library' I have 'File Search = Shallow' (and in PP2014 'Launch Behaviour = Embedded')

    I recall threads in various places with suggestions as to possible causes, solutions, and/or workarounds. But I'm not in a Googling mood today.

  • Sadly the Library seems to have become slower with each version of Poser, Poser Pro 11, for me, can be fast one day then clunky others, when it's indexing a runtime I do something else :$

    Yes setting the file search to shallow can speed up load times.

    Other options are to use external libraries : Some Poser versions have the option to use the Air Library or you could try p3do explorer, which is useful for other things besides Posers;
    There's another library alternative at Renderosity but I forget it's name - something to do with rocket software or something lol (sorry dippy day);
    ShaderWorks had Library Manager 2 but currently that's unavailable since the demise of Runtime DNA.

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    I have set up the library with Tree, Item list , Breadcrumps enabled. For the Tree I have Reopen folders disabled.
    With these options I can drill down the tree quite fast. Usually the tree is visible almost immediately and I can go to the next lower level. The thumbnails are only shown when I make the folder active.

    About the indexing - It will start when you use the search. When it is finished or when you exit Poser it will stop. What I did is to start the indexer and let it run over night. After the indexing has finished, you barely notice it anymore

  • @adi - thanks for the suggestions. But I guess that I'm really trying to understand why it does what it does (and more importantly - how I can stop it!)

    @wimvdb - I'm not using the tree display. Here's all my PP2014 library pane settings:
    My Poser 9 is similar, except:

    • General > Show Folder Counts is UNchecked
    • Details > Show Image is UNchecked
    • sliders are slightly different posittions

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    By adding the tree you can click on the arrows on the left and drill down. This will not change the active folder, so no new thumbnails are loaded. Once you are at the desired level, click on that folder and it will generate thumbnails for that folder.

  • I've never liked the tree view. I think that when I tried using it I often got popup's saying "Are you sure you want to move this file/folder to XYZ" . That was probably down to my bad hand-eye coordination and dodgy mouse, but it totally put me off the tree view. I don't (perhaps rarely) see it using just the 'Item List Panel' from the display options.

    I prefer the item list view anyway, as it's almost like good old Poser 6, which reminds me - I said that Poser 6 didn't show this problem. To be more precise, it does actually have a long delay when I change the selected runtime in the library pane. But once I've selected a specific runtime I can go down into the deepest subfolders with a fairly short (and acceptable) delay at each level.

    I've also just noticed while checking Poser 6 that its library pane never displays thumbnails on folders/subfolders (and there's no option to change that).

    Poser 9 and PP2014 always display thumbnails on folders in the 'Item List' display, and there's no option to disable that. To me that reinforces what I've inferred about the delay I'm seeing being due to the rebuilding of some sort of thumbnail database/cache being rebuilt.

    Edit: Don't get me wrong - I like seeing thumbnails on the folders/subfolders. It's just rather irritating that on occasion Poser decides that it has to do-whatever-it-does when I want to load something from a deeply nested subfolder, and its doing-whatever-it-does takes priority over what I want it to do.