DAZ's G8 comes with an A-Pose

  • @AmbientShade I'm truly happy to hear that!

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    Thanks. I'll be talkin about them more soon, when they're closer to showing.

    I will say, A-pose can be better for getting better looking anatomy shapes but its not easy to make clothing for. Game models still use both A and T pose, it's really just up to the modeler. Both can be adapted to game engine rigs. But game characters generally don't have hundreds of different people making add-on clothing for them. So that might present a problem. Really just comes down to personal preference. But rebranding is important to continued sales, so...

    Game models also don't have to be super-low poly anymore either. This isn't 2005.

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    8@vilters Tony, you will be surprised. Just this morning I see many, many Gen8 /V8 render on FB. The people buy. Because it is new and shiny. Logic , not visible here. One conversation over FB shows all.- " Just test out all my Gen3 morphs, shaders , materials on V8, works like a charm". -Find the error here :)

  • @AmbientShade would love to see it!

    @everyone: For the record I'm definitely not saying DAZ screwed up or that Genesis 8 is bad or good, I was just curious what stunt DAZ is pulling now. They don't 'just' do stuff lol. In any case, we must definitely look on and learn from DAZ, their drive and innovation is not bad at all, even though it might predominantly be marketing gimmicks. Maybe Genesis is not awesome like awesome awesome, but its definitely miles better than anything else out there... but that will hopefully change asap.

    What happened to Bella?

  • I did not buy Genesis 8 - base items came free wit Daz Studio 4.9.4 - I can get basic female shape, male shape, and fit Genesis 3 clothes onto the Genesis 8 figure.

    ![2_1497601173402_New Phototastic CollageX.png](Uploading 100%) ![1_1497601173402_Fotorcollage02X.png](Uploading 100%) ![0_1497601173401_FotoCollageX.png](Uploading 100%) -

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    @ibr_remote So you're saying Genesis 4 (not 8 btw) is back to being male and female, like G1?

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    @erogenesis I agree. Until we can provide something similar to the Genesis line, we should not throw so much stones.
    I like Genesis 3 /Olympia. Very nice looking character. Aiko 7 also. Very versatile . Gen 4/V8 I did not test out till now. Still not sure if I really will need again a new Gen line, because my main renders are anyway done in Poser. But I am honestly sick and tired of V4 .Can't wait for your girl :) Need a new face in my runtime .

  • @AmbientShade (Seems like it is being referred to as 8 series now) There are male and female bodies in one figure, yes, but just basic body shapes. The rest would be commercially available, I expect.

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    @ibr_remote Ah, ok. I thought folks were just confusing the numbering again. Seems they skipped a couple there. Makes sense I guess, to cut down on confusion.

  • Genesis 8 has sneaked into my Marvelous workshop. She wanted to try on the showdress I made for Roxie.
    alt text.
    However: Roxie has the ass for wearing this classic. Genesis8 does not. The dress hangs on her like an empty bag.
    I need to make her a bustle. LOL!