New to Poser (not to 3D Art). Need direction to learn what I dont know.

  • amethystpendant, So as long as "you aren't using Genesis figures"??? Well... I guess that explains some of the issues I've been having. I am using Genesis 2 as ALL the characters I'm using in my animated web-series. What's the deal with Genesis characters in Poser? Is there any kind of work around?
    Yeah, so far its more of "where is this located in Poser?" issues. But some of the big items I'm struggling to figure out is how to transfer items into Poser. I have several clothing items that are for Genesis in Daz, but I cant figure out how to get them over to use in Poser. I'm even having issues just fitting the OBJs, that might come back to Genesis issues.
    My web-series is a parody of videogames. So I will need 5-7 characters clothing for different video games (Skyrim, Fallout, Halo, Battlefield, etc.) Anyone interested in commissions, or just to answer some questions, please email me.

  • @chrish066 said in New to Poser (not to 3D Art). Need direction to learn what I dont know.:
    Even tried to export clothing as OBJ and fit to Poser character (somehow managed to not work AND get a GIANT purple character in my idea how)

    The purple would be the default color. Maybe you exported without the .mtl file?
    The size would be the scaling. DAZ uses 1 unit is 1 cm. Poser uses one unit is 8.0 or 8.6 ft (little Endian, big Endian, LOL!)
    so your garment is 244 or so times as large as in DAZ.

  • @F_Verbaas
    Not sure about exporting with the mtl file. Ill have to do some research on that.
    My problem happened when I went to the fitting room, import the OBJ (clothing already fitted to Genesis 2 for Daz), make the OBJ a figure (I think that's the right term, Im at work, not at my animation computer), when I do that, it takes the Genesis 2 character Im fitting the item to, copies it, (because the original Genesis 2 is still there) and makes that the big Indian. Not the clothing. So when I look in the very background of my scene, I can see (no kidding here) a giant purple heel from the copied Genesis. But I cant touch it, select it, move it, anything. But it shows up in the renders. Its really strange.
    Any ideas on why it would do that?
    Does anyone have an easier way to get the clothing over from Daz? Ive looked at Youtube and Google. Nothing has worked for me or explained what I need to do in a way I can understand. Like a step by step instructions.
    Also, thanks for all the help so far!

  • I move figures/characters/clothes from DAZ to Poser all the time. Many G2 products have Poser Conversion Files, and if you go through your product library and download them to your Poser runtime, they will appear in Poser. But here's the rub. You have to rely on DSON to run DAZ native G2 figures and kit in Poser, and DSON is always an iffy proposition. It's slow and unreliable.

    My solution is to convert my DAZ figures to native Poser ones. You can do this with people and clothing. You will need to buy Netherworks Creators Toybox at Hivewire3D, which has instructions on the fairly simple procedure for converting your DAZ stuff so it will act like anything else in Poser. If you look for my posts at Hivewire's forums, I've described the process in step by step terms because the Hivewire world includes Poser and DAZ users who get along and help each other out.

    A native G2F or G2M figure will play well with the fitting room because it has real Poser rigging.

    For G2 outfits that don't have Poser CF files, it's a simple matter to export them from DS as cr2's and run the Toybox on them. Presto: Poser native! I also have had no problem exporting obj's of Genesis 3 clothes and importing them to rig in the fitting room or the setup room. Exporting the loaded item from DS as an obj carries the materials with it. Is that how you are exporting your obj's?

    I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have.

  • @RobZhena
    this sounds like good movement forward! Thank you! I will def try that and see if/when I have any trouble with it.
    I really cant wait to get to the point where Im not doing IT work and can just focus on animating!
    Thank you very much for the help!

  • @RobZhena said in New to Poser (not to 3D Art). Need direction to learn what I dont know.:

    If you look for my posts at Hivewire's forums, I've described the process in step by step terms

    Could you post a link, or at least give the thread name? I have Toybox and can't get it to work (so stopped using it), but would be happy to give it another go if I could follow along with decent instructions. Following what was in the user manual failed every time.

  • Cheers! From memory I was trying to use the optimize file function rather than the presets... I don't remember even noticing them. I'll give it another crack.

  • @RobZhena

    I had to reinstall my entire DAZ library (I detest their library structure), but I got a Genesis 2 figure into Poser, followed your instructions and got a working figure with all the morphs, and NO DSON! Yay! Now I just hope Poser doesn't lose all the morphs like has happened before.
    Anyway, thanks for the help.

  • don't forget to hold the shift key down when dragging a body part.
    Love esther