Noob question about moving old Poser 6 files/content into Poser Pro 11

  • First, apologies for my ignorance. lol I do this as a hobby and I'm not particularly fluent in the technical jargon. I've been using Poser 6 on an old PC for about 10 years and just recently bought Poser Pro 11 to go with a new custom-built PC ( 10 core i7, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD drive, GTX1080TI graphics card w/11GB ram, and Windows 10 Pro).

    Basically, my question is: How do I move all my tons of figures (V4 being the newest I have), poses, props, expressions, lights, cameras, textures, - essentially everything that was in my Poser 6 Runtime - safely and reliably into Poser 11 without screwing everything up?
    And, after that is done, will it be able to read my old .pz3 scene files?

    What I've done so far is: Installed Poser 11 on my new machine (hopefully correctly) and copied my old Poser 6 Runtime onto my desktop. I'm honestly afraid to try to move it into Poser 11 without guidance, lest I break something (a fairly regular thing for me, lol).

    Also, just on a side-note: What's with the 6 different serial numbers on the inside of the Poser Pro 11 physical box?
    The first one I entered, thinking it was the correct one, came back as 'invalid'. The one that finally worked and got PP11 working was the one labeled 'Queue Manager'. I was never even offered the choice of online or offline activation. >.>

    I looked for answers to all those questions both on Youtube and here on the forum but I couldn't find anything that really applied or that I understood. Yes, after 10 years, I'm still a noob. lol. I'd hugely appreciate any guidance you guys could share. :)

  • You don't have to move the old runtime into P11 at all, and is probably best not to anyway. You add the runtime from the library and it gets accessed that way.


    Then you browse to the location of the runtime you wish to add to P11.

    Re the serials, you get one for P11Pro, one for Queue Manager and the rest are for the PoserFusion plugins.

  • You could do what Raven suggested and leave everything where it is and just add it as an additional runtime to Poser 11. Personally, I just keep Poser and my runtime in the exact same place, installing the newer Poser over the top of the older one each time.

  • @Cobra That works, of course, but I also have a very large Runtime associated with DAZStudio 3, which contains most of the Poser items I've purchased over the years before I got back to using Poser with version 9. Therefore, I do what Raven suggested, and have my Poser 9 Library able to access my DS 3 Runtime, and My PoserPro 11 Library has both my Poser 9 and DS 3 Runtimes available.

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    As Raven suggested add your Poser 6 runtime to the by pressing the + icon in the library.
    You can add as many runtimes as you want and Poser will use them in just the same way as the one which got installed with P11.
    About the serial numbers - I have not see a physical box in years, so I have no clue where the correct serial number is located. But to get updates (which I strongly suggest), install the download manager and enter your serial number and you will get the latest version of P11.
    You can find the download manager at

  • @sixgunsloaded Welcome in the P11 world! I am also a noob and always will and I am a total disaster with tech stuff :-) I am still learning new buttons daily!

    .. And yes, what the good people here said, the Runtimes can be added easily now, luckly for us who have tons of items to move.

  • Thank you so much for all the replies, guys! I did what everyone said (that image was perfect, Raven!) and it worked exactly as advertised. It was so easy, I'm almost embarrassed to have asked. But better safe than sorry. I was kinda shocked at how easy it was. Nothing ever works that easily for me. lol So thank you! :-)

    As for the serial numbers, I'm still confused as to why the one labled 'Queue Manager' was the one that got P11 running and the other number was just rejected, but since stuff seems to be working, I probably won't fret too much over it. As long that number works again when it's time to renew my activation or whatever.
    I also got the latest updates so I should be good there.

    @tempesta3d - Thanks for the welcome! It's good to meet a fellow lifetime noob and tech bumbler! lol :-D ...and, omg, I had so much stuff in my old Runtime... over 90,000 files in over 5,200 folders. 29GB's worth of things I really didn't want to lose. There were so many files in one pose folder that it would take Poser 6 on my old machine about 2 minutes to open that one folder. I thought it would crush P11 too but, nope! It opened it like a champ! Took maybe 3 seconds.

  • @sixgunsloaded OMG over 90.000 files! Imagine moving everything manually! :-O
    I am the kind who would cry if I need to format my pc and reinstall everything again :-)

    I am so happy everything works for you, those people are fenomenal, I am always asking things and the Poser ppl are the kindest ever.
    I am learning every time something new with them. Ask away, we are all here to learn together.