preview animation is laggy and doesn't play the sequence properly

  • so when I preview my animation, it seems to miss out some frames and is laggy , it only when I render it out ad a gif that I can see the actually movement properly. its funny because the movement is fine when i view the same file and preview it on my cintiq companion, my companion has higher specs than my pc but still I don't get this problem on say tv paint or flash or even 3ds max

    any help?

  • Hi there,

    Previews normally skip frames. What version of Clip Studio Paint are you using

  • If the issue is system specific, it most likely is resources on the Screen Redraw.

    It also could be a conflict with another process on the specific system. Clip Studio Paint does not like to have other Display Applications running at the same time. Even Netflix or YouTube can impact the redraw.

  • Hello all! same issue is happening on my new pc now,
    pc specs
    graphics card gtx 1070
    cpu ryzen7 2700
    16gb ram

    which is alot more stronger than my cintiq companion