Manga Studio 5 - Find Serial #

  • Hello! I am buying myself a new computer and am getting ready to upload my manga studio 5 (I think i'll have to update it to Clip now, but will worry about that later), but I can't find the box with my disk and serial number. Just the sleeve it came in, with no serial # :( I checked in my program and it says "license registered", but I think I'll need the serial # to re-register on my new computer.

    Is there a way to find my serial # on my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • There's no way to get the serial off your computer. You'll have to contact Smith Micro support.

  • @pheebinator Your serial number for Poser is on the Splash page when the program starts up. Maybe Manga Studio is similar? Worth a look see.

  • The numbers are x'ed out on the splash.