Site ruins uploaded images in posts - very bothersome to me

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    When I upload an image, the real image is available, but not used in the post. Rather, a reduced quality, obviously ruined, image of the same size is shown in the post. Users can click it to get the real image, but this is not obvious and not optimal.

    As I write tutorial material all the time, and am talking about subtle points of realism, which are often destroyed by this "reduced" cost image, you're forcing me to click the image, copy the url, edit my post, delete my "upload" and replace with an "external" image reference and there I paste the real image.

    Please - this is a graphics site. I'm not uploading cat pictures. I'm teaching graphics and showing renders.

    As long as my image is less than 200KB and fits in your screen layout, you should not be messing with it.

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    Here's an example.
    0_1463605216648_DE - Bump and Specular.jpg

    Compare with the real thing which I can manually paste (but only AFTER I upload) like this:

    alt text

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    P.S - I just got eye surgery and I now have 20/10 vision (2x superhuman). The reduced version is visibly crappy to me. I can see individual pixels now and they are WRONG in that image.

    If you don't see a problem, then get your eyes operated on like I did.

  • I see another issue as well.
    The first picture is 760x760, 424kb and the second one is 900x900, 268kb...

  • We'll look into it.

  • @bagginsbill
    Image re-sizing has been disabled.
    It may have some negative implications to layout....if it doesn't behave properly, we'll switch it on again.

    Edit: image preview was being generated with 760px limit, clicking on the image opened the real one.
    Main reasons for image-preview are: cellular data traffic issues with large images and layout problems.