3rd Party Marketplace - Royalty Free Content for Poser

  • Hi all, are there any marketplace where I can purchase royalty-free content to use with my Poser projects? I would like to buy add-ons such as props (clothings and 3D architectual stuff like sofas, tables, apartments, parks, shopping malls, classrooms, etc).

    Custom poser figures also interest me.

    I'm already aware of Smith Micro's own marketplace: http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-add-ons.html

    I would like to see if there any other marketplaces. The content has to be royalty-free so I can use them in my commercial / business (for sale) products.


  • Are you talking about using the renders for commercial products (books covers, instruction videos, t-shirts)?

    For that, try contentparadise.com, renderosity.com, Hivewire3d.com, or daz3d.com (check the compatibility though, not all stuff works with poser) and sharecg.com (watch the licensing if commercial is allowed) and poserworld.com

    As far as games using unity or unreal game engines, you need the extended licensing or game license.

    Usually, distribution of the 3d asset is not allowed, but check poserworld as they had a service which provided that. I don't know if they still do.

  • Yes, that's correct - for books, videos, physical items, etc.

    not for games, no.

    would you happen to know if it's unrestricted commerical license? for example, not just limited to 100,000 copies only.

  • I have yet to see any that limit the number of copies. Most say stuff similar to "contents not for redistribution, commercial renders ok." You'll have to read the specific licenses though. Some of the sights allow you to read the documentation before purchasing. And when in doubt, you can always contact the seller.

  • @redphantom Do you know of any 3D software that generates custom scenes or architectural props such as rooms, furniture, backyards, living rooms, bed rooms, buildings, elevators, etc. (and that the renders are also royalty-free for commercial use)? I would like to create my own custom scene to use with my poser figures.

    I know Poser already comes equipped with props, but it's still limited.

    I've used Bryce 3D before, but that's for nature and terrains.

  • Also, is there a marketplace to hire very affordable Poser artist or 3D models experts to generate custom figures (or props like hair and clothings) and scenes (bedroom, living room, stores, etc.)?

    If there's no software that generates scenes, and I can't find the props to buy, I might have to consider hiring someone.

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    Have a look at Renderosity and Hivewire.
    There are thousands of products available. Make sure to use the search so you find older products as well. The nice thing of virtual products is that they do not age.
    I have built up a collection of tens of thousands of items over the last 18 years and there is rarely a thing which I do not have.
    Be aware though that most clothing items are geared towards a particular figure. You will need this figure to be able to use these items unmodified. Most clothing available will be for Victoria 4 and Dawn which are not part of the default content for Poser.

    Commercial renders and video are allowed in these stores and no restriction on how many copies of your render you distribute.

    Renderosity also has a forum job related matters.

  • @wimvdb said in 3rd Party Marketplace - Royalty Free Content for Poser:

    Victoria 4 and Dawn

    Victoria 4 and Dawn, are these royalty-free figures (for commercial) and can be imported, modified like any other figures in Poser?

    Can you still import and modified their clothing for the built-in figures (like Pauline) in Poser?

  • @Twister1996 freeware Blender 3D has several architectural and furniture generating add-on scripts which will produce what you need. There is also a free room and furniture creator with contents library free using CC licensing - let me go check the name again...

  • @ibr_remote I see. I am somewhat familiar with Blender but haven't used it yet. Are the architectural / home scene generation as easy as Poser? It's not like AutoCAD right? That's too technical for me.

  • @ibr_remote it is called Sweet Home 3D

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    You might take a look at my YouTube channel. "tonyvilters" for the Poser2Blender2Poser video series.

    You want "custom" content and figures and scenes?

    Video1 covers the "export-import" settings between Poser and Blender to create single group morphs and Full Body Morphs.

    Video2 cover on how to "customise" any Poser figure in PoserPro11.

    Video3 does the same as Video2 but for Poser11 (standard version).

    Video4 shows a Poser bug and how to overcome it.

    Video5 shows tips and tricks for the default Poser ground plane.

    Video6 covers more tips and tricks for the Poser ground plane and how to make custom backgrounds.

    Best regards, Tony

  • @Twister1996 The Blender solutions will generate the architecture and interiro furnishings. It is not about designing from scratch for these add-ons. The Sweet Home 3D solution is even easier for you, it's like playing with a 3D doll house. You will need to know how to export the models for use in Poser.

  • @ibr_remote Oh wow, this is a pretty good software. CC license means creative common, but would you happen to know if the rendered images are royalty free for commercial products? I just looked at the license page and it says "you should attribute the author - Project designed with Sweet Home 3D." I'm not sure if that's a must or a recommended from the license.

  • @Twister1996 I will just quote their text from their webpage:
    "The GNU General Public License and other licenses under which Sweet Home 3D, Furniture Library Editor, Textures Library Editor applications and Sweet Home 3D JS library are available, allow you to publish the documents created with these applications, whether for personal or commercial use, within the limits of the rights granted by the licenses of the 3D models and textures you imported in the documents generated with these applications. "


  • If you are familiar with Blender, Fluid Designer is worth a look.
    Fluid Designer

    Fluid Designer is free, and there is also a subscription service that goes along with it.

  • @shvrdavid Thanks for the link Scott. That definitely looks interesting, though I'm not sure I can afford that monthly subscription, but at least I can play with it some for free. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B

    I have Fluid Designer, and you can do a lot with it, without the subscription.
    Once you get the hang of it creating a room only takes a few min.

  • @shvrdavid Just downloaded and will be playing with it over the weekend. I've been a Blender user for over a decade, so probably will like it. ~smile~

  • @shvrdavid I'm just wondering but are the rendered images from Blender and Fluid Designer "royalty-free" for commercial uses?