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    @Twister1996 - each product you buy or freebie you download for Poser should include a license file as text which specifies what you can & cannot do with that product. Sometimes it's possible to download & read that before purchasing; it's usually possible to contact the seller either directly or through the brokerage as well.

    There is a script included with Poser called collectSceneInventory which can either collect together all the files being used in a scene or alternatively just list them. This could be useful if your scenes get complex or you end up with large libraries of content, or just for cross-checking licence files without needing to open a scene.

  • @ibr_remote Sweet Home 3D seems like a terrific software, but it seems like it won't be a good fit for me as many of the 3D models within it falls under the Free License or CC-BY agreement, which means an attribute (credit or link back) to the rightful author is necessary. For my purposes of creating commercial products like books, videos, and t-shirts, etc., this would not be ideal.

    Can anyone else recommend a similar architectural 3D software (that's easy to use and can generate scenes quickly). It has to offer these criteria:

    1. renders are completely royalty-free
    2. can be used for commercial purposes
    3. large selection of fairly realistic 3D models (furniture, living rooms, buildings, etc.)
    4. Doesn't require any attribute to the authors


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    Ok, we entered a problem area.

    Are you on fire? What is the hurry? I read "fast" and I read "quick", multiple times.
    Euh, 3D takes years, even with the best of the best apps out there.

    Perhaps time to lift some of the mystery behind the speed required?

  • @vilters Sweet Home 3D is quick and easy, relative to other 3D architectural programs out there.

  • @vilters besides most of my renders will be in black and white line arts (such as comic book or toon outlines in Poser) so I don't quite need photo-realistic texture renders (at least not at the moment), but I do need the 3D objects to be realistic (not some polygon shapes from the 1980's graphics). I just simply need a 3D architectural / landscaping software to generate scenes for my Poser figures, preferably like Sweet Home 3D, something that allows me to snap objects together without much modifications.

    Bryce 3D for example is a very easy-to-use software to use, very quick, painless way to generate natural 3D scenes. So yes, there are softwares like that.