The Unpickables

  • Is there any way to set an item unpickable? For example, posing a figure that is clothed means you accidentally pick the clothes instead of the underlying figure. Over and over and over and over. Ideally I would love a toggle that sets unpickable any object that is set to "Conform To"... :-)

  • Yes you can, but not directly from the UI.

    Poser scenes and file saves have a few options that are not toggle-able in the UI.
    There are 2 lines that come in handy for what you mentioned.
    Hidden, and AddToMenu.

    Here are 2 poses that allow you to do it to a prop as an example.
    One so you can't select it with the mouse, and also removes it from the pull down menus.
    One to put it back the way it is, by default.
    Everything in the scene will still be in the Hierarchy Menu, even with the poses applied.
    The poses don't hide things in menus of other rooms, like the material room for example.

    To do it to a figure, every body part of the figure has to be included in the poses.
    I use PFE to create the poses, but you could do this with a script as well.

    The poses I attached will toggle a prop from being select-able and toggle its presence in most of the pull down menus.

    0_1498131701242_Prop hide

  • You could just use the right button menu and use select to pick the right part by name rather than eyeballing it.

  • @matb True, but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of being able to pick on the figure instead of just using a menu system all the time, right? For example, posing a knight in armor is excruciating using the current Poser picking, I'm always ripping off a glove or something. Undo is my friend, but I hate him too... :-)