Saving your Brushes/Subtools?

  • Recently, I updated and I found that some of my subtools and brushes were not saved. I was not too bothered. But I am wondering is subtools and brushes save automatically or if you have to manually save these settings. (I can't find where if this is the case).

    Additional note: I am fairly new to this software.

  • They save automatically when you close/quit the program..... if you do not do this properly ( you switch off your computer or it crashes ) then that save on close does not happen and you will lose any changes or additions to tools that you made in that session. .... When upgrading I have never lost any brushes or tools.

    As my PC occasionally crashes then if I have made a particularly good brush or Auto Action I close the program to make it save it so there is no chance of losing it. I do wish there was a way to manually force a save of all settings without closing the program.

  • Of course you can back them up as .sut files by using the "Export sub-tool" option under the Sub-Tool palette fly-out menu (or the right+click context menu on a selected tool).

    But you can also back up your brushes by dragging them from the Sub-Tool palette to the Material palette (or use "Register sub-tool as material" from the Sub-Tool palette fly-out menu or context menu of a selected tool).

    I have all my brushes copied into my Materials and organized with sub-folders and tags (when you drop them to Materials they import with a helpful bunch of descriptive tags). Then, when you need to use it, just drag it from the Materials back to the Sub-Tool palette. The tags make it really easy to find whatever brush you're looking for - you can narrow it down by the tags, and of course add your own tags (like "favorite" which would then filter the list just to the tools you've tagged as your favorites). If you copy ALL your brushes to the Materials palette like I have, it allows you to delete them from the Sub-Tool palette and keep the Sub-Tool list more manageable by just showing the brushes you're actually using right now.

    Note: If you use the "Register sub-tool as material" option on the fly-out or right+click context menu for a selected brush the "Material Properties" dialog will open and won't show any tags assigned to the brush. Once you save it by clicking "OK" if you double+click it in the Materials palette to re-open it then you'll see all the descriptive tags it added automatically.

  • Thank you for your feedback. @888toto I forgot to mention in my original post that yes my computer had crashed, so that's probably why my brushes did not save.

    A majority of my brushes are in my materials, but the ones that aren't are saved to my computer. I just was wondering if there was an action to save your subtools. It's not so much me losing them it's just annoying for me if I have to import them all back in.

    Thanks again all!