Issue with Background in Poser Pro 11

  • I've noticed that I'm unable to select the background or see it listed on the Preview tab , even though in the Reference Manual it suggests you should be able to and that it has its own Context Menu.

    The only way I'm able to get the import image to background or changing background color to work is if I literally move the model and camera view below the ground. And even then, I still can't select the background; if I use the select tool on it, one of the 4 Lights get selected instead; if I use the select tool towards the background area while in the default environment/view, it selects "GROUND". Plus, when adjusting the ground color it doesn't even affect the color of the ground, just the background area.

    Is this normal?

  • @anatomus in P11 the "ground" is more than a flat plane, it includes a dome. You want to turn off the dome in the hierarchical menu so as to see the background

  • That sure makes things a lot easier. Thanks!

  • I had this same problem Thanks for you help it worked wonderfully