Shader for waterfall (Firefly render)

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    @Dreamer3d : What version of Poser do you have? (Eldar house's waterfall shader requires P9/Pro2012 or later)

    @redphantom's idea is worth checking. I have the Menme de Caomh set, so I can check the waterfall's UV mapping. I also recall that it uses P4-ish ground texturing resulting in blurriness up close; that could use an assymmetrical tile texture. Back when I got Menme de Caomh (circa P6), I was new to Poser and unable to fix the shortcomings, but I may be able to now - depending on the geometry and how it's UV mapped.
    I see the Menme de Caomh CR2 build date is 10/26/2002 - that would explain the P4 style texturing. Wow, that was a pretty ambitious enviro playset for P4.

    I'll take a look at it when I get time; at the moment I have server blades scattered around the front room. I still need to snake one more Cat6 cable from the front room up to the workstation room. It looks like a Borg regeneration chamber in here. When I get it all put back together and online, I'll have a 408-thread rendering network. I rausted up a pair of used Dell R610 server blades. They will be Titania and Athena, and each has a pair of X5690 Xeon processors (HyperThreaded hex-core, 3.46GHz with 3.73GHz turbo) and each has 96GB of registered RAM.

    I am running PP11 but for the moment want to stick with Firefly for this scene.
    For its age it is a very nice set and I end up using bits of it all the time, mostly the waterfalls lol.
    Oh man I am going green with envy here! I so want your set up lol. Maybe once we get the house built
    It would be cool if you do have time to take a look and work you magic on Menme de Caomh :)

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    From a brief look at the waterfall and terrain UV mapping, I think this is doable. It will take some time to work up materials to fit the Menme de Caomh UV mapping and run test renders. I'll post here when I have some results.
    Revitalizing a P4 enviro playset probably falls into the category of

  • @seachnasaigh "Revitalizing a P4 enviro playset probably falls into the category of necromancy" LOL love it I look forward to seeing what you come up with

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    Here's what I have:
    still render


    Hmmm. The pool water did not transfer to Firefly well. Maybe I can fix it, else I might need to revert to the shader I used for the streams of Eldar house.

    I can adjust the waterfall to have more "solid" greenwater. It would be nice to have a selective "wet" area for the stone.

    The stone has been modified so that it will have decent detail even in a closeup.

    Photobucket wouldn't let me upload a 1.10MB AVI, and they no longer allow SWF. I need to find another image hosting site.

  • @seachnasaigh That is looking good! I like the sound of the green water. Yes having an area of wet stone would be nice

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    I need to look at the stone cliff's UV mapping and identify where the wet area should be, and verify that there aren't other sections of dry cliff sharing the same UV space.

    The Menme de Caomh renders are in Firefly; This is a Superfly test of the Lothlorien III enviro with just a little greenwater added in:
    L3 waterfall

  • @seachnasaigh That looks really good, the little bit of green just gives it a bit of a lift

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    Current state of Menme de Caomh Firefly shader:
    Menme de Caomh, Firefly,  animated

    Menme de Caomh, Firefly, still frame

    Odd.... the Eldar house water shader (Firefly) is a disaster; I've had to go back to zero on the water pool, and try to add animation to it. Haven't even begun the "wet stone" effort yet.

  • @seachnasaigh bummer, still the water fall looks really good now

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    This set has overlapping UVs, so masking "wet" areas is not feasible. It also has strained UVs, and sometimes chunks of geometry disappear. I can fix that, but I'm not allowed to distribute it.

    So, the water/stone MATs are all there is.

    Menme de Caomh waterfall/stone MATs

    Menme de Caomh entrance

    right side waterfall

    waterfall animation demo

  • @seachnasaigh Thanks ever so much, the new mats will breath a whole lot of new life into it