Need help with Display resolution preference.

  • Hi, I am running Clip Studio Paint Ex v1.6.2 on a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16" with Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
    When I go to File/Preferences/Canvas and click the Display resolution Settings button the Settings of Display resolution window opens. I hold a ruler to the screen and adjust the slider so the displayed screen ruler matches my physical ruler. Then I click the OK button, which closes that window then I click the OK button that closes the Preferences window. Then I quit the application and restart Clip Studio Pro Ex.
    Now if I open a 300ppi file I created in Photoshop with a 1" square on it I would expect that in Clip Studio Paint after adjusting the Display resolution preference that at 100% zoom that 1" square would measure 1" if I hold a ruler to it. My assumption is that the Display resolution preference is to adjust the resolution so at 100% zoom I could work WYSIWYG. That is not what happens.
    Regardless of what dpi I choose using the slider in the Settings of display resolution window it has no effect on how the image I am working on at 100% scale is displayed. It is as if that preference does not work.
    Any help or instruction you can offer would be appreciated. I've submitted a support ticket.

  • Here is another article discussing the Display resolution preference.

  • Issue resolved. User error. The preference does work but it has nothing to do with the zoom setting. After setting the Display resolution preference I can go to View/Print Size and the image will zoom so that 1" is 1". Unfortunately in the Navigator the zoom will not read as 100% This is irritating as if I want to go to 50% WYSIWYG/print scale I will have to do unnecessary math.
    Thanks everyone who viewed the post. This was not clear to me in the manual.