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  • @karina

    Last night, I banged my head on my desk for awhile...

    I have a bunch of characters I've set up with loads of morphs, some canned injections, some I've created from scratch. I used these as sort of base, experimental, figures to muck around with with different morph combos, tuning them as necessary with the Morph Tool or taking the mesh out and tweaking it outside of Poser.

    I desperately needed some way to easily delete bajijllions of morphs as well as morphs for specific groups.

    BUT, without having to go through the clunky, cumbersome, crappy (C^3) method we currently have in Poser requiring you to delete each one individually and, at times, unlocking them from the master, over and over and over and over...

    What if I wanted to remove or just zero a select few morphs in a particular group while I'm constructing a character? Well, then, screw me... I can't easily do that. And, what if it's a hand? What if I decide I'll clean it up myself, but have to back out several morphs from it? I have to go through every darn finger joint group, clicking multiple times for one single morph in that group? JUST because I'm experimenting? What if don't like it or encounter a problem? Start over?

    <bang, bang, bang, bang, bang>

    Now, there are scripts out there that can at least zero and, at times, remove morphs exactly like I want! (Do Zero, from I can't remember who, then one that's a bit more general from D3D.)

    But... they're busted by the new python. No workie. End up with orphaned python operations running in memory, locking up the display, forcing one to halt Poser's process in order to get out of it...

    Yeah, sorry for the rant. My forehead still hurts... :) I got really ticked off about that, last night. Such a very simple, highly desirable thing and it's not in Poser. A tool touting "character creation."

    I need a drink. Blood pressure starting to peak again, so I better get some coffee or something to calm me down. ;)

  • @karina the major problem with trying to script any parameter deletion or creation, is that there is no Python interface to create groups or insert parameters into groups in the Parameter Palette.

  • @morkonan

    Might I suggest Poser File Editor, by the brilliant and much admired (and sorely and respectfully missed) Dimension 3D.

    Poser File Editor is INDISPENSABLE for hacking CR2 files. Among many brilliant and "don't know whatever you did without it" functions within its repertoire is a Morph Editor, which will allow you to do the types of things you want.

    Try it. You'll like it.

    Poser File Editor - Dimension 3D

  • Sample screen shot of the PFE morph editor.

    Master parms listed on the left pane, group list on the right. The group list can be sorted by the columns at the top.

    For example, if you want to delete all morphs in the head, select all the morphs in the Head group, pop open the menu, and "Delete Morph." Boom. They're gone.

    0_1509946421237_morph edit.png

    You can read more here:

    More description of PFE features

  • @Deecey Hey Deecey, I know this is completely out of left field, but I think you're in a completely unique position to do this. Back in the 90s, there were several book series called "Bibles" written about some programs or computersystems.
    like MacOSX and Windows. And it was written by several authors, or at least several authors contributed. And since you know so many of these Poser gurus, have you ever considered the idea of putting together the ultimate Poser Bible featuring their favorite hacks, tips and tricks?
    Just thinking out loud.

  • @eclark1849
    Since the advent of the e-book, paper books don't sell anywhere near as well as they did in the 90s ... and I'm assuming you want a book you can hold in your hands. I suspect it will be a lot more difficult nowadays to get a print book deal. I don't think I've seen a Poser-related book since Poser 8.

  • The Poser guys came up with a better alternative to book on how to use Poser, reduce the number of Poser users so that the few remaining experts can answer all the questions personally. :-)

    Of course, if they just fixed the EASY bugs this could be reversed overnight, but that means you'd have to write a book on how to use the.. oh never mind...

  • @Deecey I admit, I'm an older user. On my next birthday, assuming I make it there, I'll turn sixty. So yeah, I'd prefer a paper book, but I'll take an e-book. I can always have a paper book made from it it if I want .

  • @erogenesis I never understood why figure developers never took that into consideration. Why not just make a pair of posed feet for the dev rig.?

  • @Deecey

    Sweet! I'll put that on my list of "Buy ASAP!" I've got plenty of D3D's stuff and I'm sure this would be helpful.

    Though, it does make one wonder why there are more robust character editor features in Poser "Pro." If I could just... SHIFT+SELECT TO ADD TO SELECTION in Poser, for goodness sakes! :) I mean, come on... I have two! TWO! COUNT THEM! Shift keys! :) Can't I just be allowed to use one of them? ;)

  • What do you guys think of this one? I just sent it out to SM:

    "Add an option on Display menu, to be: "Show magnets as box handles".
    That will make the magnet base and zone invisible, and will show the magnet modifier as a box. That is much less intrusive, and makes it easier to pose and animate. Make the box have the same rotation/scale/translation as the magnet does."

    That way instead of having the horrible mess of magnets around with all their intrusive and distracting elements (a fallout sphere, a yellow base, and a horseshoe with yellow and red parts) you just have a simple standard box handle.

    Now, a DeLuxe(tm) improvement would be to have the user choose one of the primitive shapes (box, sphere, cone, etc...) as the handle, instead of always a box. That would make it easier to distinguish between different handles where there are several in the same character. Another DeLuxe(tm) improvement is to allow the user to paint the box with a color, again to make it easier to distinguish handles.

  • You know one of the things about this thread that irritates me is the promise that if you submit a suggestion "One of our experts will be contacting you shortly" to discuss it. Haven't heard a word from any SM expert. Not even a form letter thank you email. I don't know why I bother to care so much.

  • Earl, you know the meaning of "decoy" in military terms??

  • I hear ya guys... I've been suggesting to add metaballs for like 10 years, and that has fallen in deaf ears up so far, oh no... :(

  • Well of course not!
    Why should they bother to add ten year old technique to Poser?
    :D :D :D

  • That little "Display Origin" checkbox on the /Parameters\tab of any actor/prop. When ticked the three axes are displayed - but all in green. Please make the X-axis red, Y-axis green, and Z-axis blue so I can tell which is which without having to twiddle the X, Y and Z dials. This has been an irritation since Poser 6, and is still there in PP2014. I assume it's the same in Poser 11 ?

  • @3dcheapskate Well, you know that would take development time away from all the other features they don't improve anymore. :)

  • I wonder if adding an Edge Split (right at the middle) would be a practical thing for the issue of adding one vertex to a figure that is already grouped, weight mapped and morphed.

    If that Edge Split propagates to the groups, weight maps and morphs then one can just save back to the library, and voila, problem resolved. Given that one can manipulate meshes with great liberty now with the Morph Tool, one can probably do most of these kinds of small fixes in the meshes all in Poser instead of getting back to the square one with external tools.

    A vertex delete operation would be much more difficult, though; I don't think that can be done without adding a lot of more of mesh editing functions in Poser, as a vertex delete may cause all sorts of topology problems.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    You know that the worst thing happening in Poser happens during the "save to library".

    Poser splits up a perfectly welded obj into individual vertex groups hereby effectively doubling ALL vertex at ALL welds between ALL vertex groups whenever you do a "save to library".
    => See video 4 in the Poser2Blender2Poser series on YouTube.

    It is one of the major statements in the second part of the FIRST video in this series.

    NEVER-EVER export, or do a "save to library" of a rigged obj file , if you do not have a fully welded original to replace it again.

    This will come back soon in the next tutorial video.
    (The one on creating vertex groups, do the rigging, and the "fix" AFTER the save to library.) => The "cure" for the unwelding is in the "fix".