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  • @ssgbryan this is my experience as well. Dual monitor setup on macOS with secondary monitor to the left (so it's X-coords are effectively negative). Every time I return from the materials room, most panels end up on the primary monitor, especially the raytrace preview, and I also get spurious, docked panels from the Face room, which I never use!

    The only workaround to having to manually reset the UI is to use the UI dots in every room. Even then, the first use of the preferred layout dot won't directly place panels on the secondary monitor, until I hit the same dot a second time.

    SMS, this has been broken for too long! Get yourselves some additional monitors and test this!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Alright, here is my ground breaking request: Enable Poser to optionally resume the previous session upon relaunch, without having to manually set the current scene as the preferred state and choose the launch to preferred state preference.

    I.e. add a third launch preference - Launch to previous scene, launch to preferred scene and launch to factory scene.

    In this way, external factors which require a complete restart of the system, such as automatic OS updates, don't require a panicked save of a scene one may have been working on all day (or longer (hint: turn on Auto-save and have many GB of free disk space available for big scenes)), and then a struggle to remember exactly what one was last doing in the scene when the restart/update has completed and Poser gets automatically relaunched with a completely different scene to the one previously being worked on.

  • @anomalaus

    While not what you're wanting, if you have trouble remembering what you last worked on and saved, there is the "Recent Files" list right below "Open" in the File menu. It lists some of the last projects you worked on.

  • @rlowens68 thanks, I use it frequently, but I get used to so many other applications which are perfectly happy to launch to their previous state, like Firefox, or my preferred text editor BBEdit, which can both re-open dozens of tabs or files and allow direct continuation of work context following an interruption.

    Poser knows exactly which document you were last working on, why assume that every time you launch Poser you are either going to the factory default, or a single, user-selected scene. Perhaps a launch option with an Option/Alt key-press could offer the choice to override opening the previous scene file, in case it has become corrupted, or you genuinely want to start a new scene.

    I just want to escape the scenario where manually saving a scene with a new name implies that I have finished working on that scene, since a shutdown and restart of Poser will then not open the scene I have just saved, without me having to re-specify my preferred scene, which may not be desirable if my preferred scene is just my alternative starting point to the factory scene, to be loaded when I select New from the File menu.

  • I'd like to see Poser make Bullet Physics easier to use. I've watched several videos and read about it in the manual, but I'm still wary of it.

  • I'm gonna keep making this suggestion until something happens:

    Bring back the scaling feature in the Direct Manipulation tool. :(

  • I would like to see an option to save pose in the preset pose button to save the spacial placement of the character on the ground, so you can animate without feet sliding. To me the idea of the preset pose button is to create the main pose so you can create in between key frame animation more uniformly.

  • @anomalaus you can always start poser by double clicking the saved file.

  • @amethystpendant um... yes and no. In the instance where I'm manually launching Poser, certainly. If I've restarted macOS with the option to relaunch the currently running applications, following an automated system or OS update which requires restarting, then no. The second case is the one where I need Poser to remember it's current scene and reload it on launch.

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