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    @Deecey lol

    Ok - new request: Make the black arrow more visible!!!

    You know how long I've fought with that trying to get them to dock? I couldn't see the microscopic black arrow.

    Really really really bad on a 4K monitor. LOL

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    @eclark1849 I'm not exactly visually impaired but when you put a 2x2 pixel black arrow on a dark grayish brown background in the corner of the screen... I doubt I'm the only one who didn't see it.

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    Agreed Dee.
    I also run Poser on some 4K monitors, and not all windows or menu's are scaled properly when you scale the UI for a 4K monitor.

  • @AmbientShade Well, as i get older, my eyes need more help. I was just looking at the CP store page and I can't even clearly see the link to sign in on my smartphone.

  • Forgive me if this is already possible in Poser and I've just missed it, but...

    I wish that in the Materials Room it was possible/easier to work with materials and surfaces. In DS you can select multiple surfaces at once with ctl+click and shift+click so that any changes you make are applied at once to all the materials you've selected. If you're working with a large scene, or an item that has many surfaces/materials to adjust it takes forever to have to modify them one at a time and I've never been able to find a function that allows me to modify multiple materials/surfaces at once...

    When I'm working on a new model, I do most of my work in DS because I find that figure rigging is easier to do, and materials/surfaces are easier to set up initially, then I load everything into Poser for surfaces tweaks etc and testing, but it's a pain sometimes as my models are often fairly complex and detailed, and having to tweak surfaces one at a time gets very time consuming...

    I also wish that the figure set up in Poser was a little less unwieldy and more streamlined... I've found it to be a bit hard and confusing to work with compared to other apps...

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    Selecting multiple materials for editing is something many people have asked for the longest time, as well as being able to select multiple body parts at once to pose them. Some 3rd party plugins allow doing that with some limitations. For example, ShaderWorks "Advanced Materials Manager 2" allow detecting surfaces that share the same materials, and edit only 1 of them while the others get automatically updated. Unfortunately, his plugins don't work well in Poser 11, and he has retired. It is now up to SMS to add the functionality to Poser.

  • As a long time user of Poser since Poser 5, I've purchased every version since, and Poser has remained one of my favorite hobbies, but unfortunately in the last five years Poser has consistently disappointed me. Poser Pro 2012 was the last interaction I was actually pleased with, but since then have become very frustrated. I'd always thought Poser would remain comparable to DAZ3d models in realism, and innovation, but have become frustrated at what seems to be the exact opposite. I feel as if I'm on a losing team, and this forum houses a toxic environment of people who'd rather argue endlessly similar to facebook users instead of any kind of solid criticisms, or solutions that produce coherent results.
    My email inbox is usually flooded by people who disagree endlessly until I reach a point at which I don't care. I really do not like this Poser community which seems very toxic, and the worst place to share thoughts or opinions.

    So, what do I want of Poser?

    Realistic models comparable to DAZ3d's latest, with the goal of making images, and models as photo realistic as possible as an app that runs quickly, and efficiently. I'd like to be able to create my own full character set body morph, and save it so that it can reapplied to the same model type. Saving a full body character set morph would make Poser much more useful.

    I'd like easier ways to sculpt morphs, and be able to isolate areas from being affected from morphing such as the inner nostrils of a model's face. Morph sculpting doesn't seem to work well when there is detailed parts with mesh close behind. Ears, nostrils, lips, eyelids all remain difficult morph sculpt.

    Most importantly I'd like to have bending limbs, and body parts that when bent look as realistic as possible to real life bent human limbs since posing is so important to creating images.

    That's all I have. If any of you disagree, fine. I've thought a lot about my opinions, and will not change.

  • @nakedfunn_ Well, then, had you upgraded to Poser 11, you would have had your biggest wish granted - the morph brush is capable of being restricted by materials or groups.

    As for Genesis figures, there are several on the market which are just as good if not better than DAZ figures. One only has to exhibit some curiosity to find them.

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    As for Genesis figures, there are several on the market which are just as good if not better than DAZ figures.

    I completely disagree, but we all have our opinions.

  • @nakedfunn_ Color me unsurprised by your reaction.

  • Look folks, everyone's opinions are valid, leave it at that.

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    I would like to have the ZBrush Fibers recognized fully in poser as Poser Hair Splines. As it is now Poser see it as dynamic hairs but that's just about it. Or have it like other programs that you can import the ZBrush Splines.

  • I want a separate (ideally, free) Shader Builder (a real time option would be nice, but okay), where I can load a model, load a fake environment with a few fake light rigs and be able to interactively build shaders for SuperFly. Make it relatively clutter free and fast, so we can rapidly prototype shaders.

    Also, a manageable shader converter would be nice. Build it in a way that allows third parties to add their own converters, like SuperFly -> Unity.

  • @meshbox not really sure what you are asking for here. I know my way around the material room a little (I'm ignorant about math nodes) so building a shader isn't too big a deal. If I'm understanding you, you want to ask Poser to make you a cheese sandwich and, "poof," there is a cheese sandwich shader in the materials room?

  • @ghostship ROFL!

  • @shvrdavid said in Submit Your Poser Suggestions to Smith Micro:

    Look folks, everyone's opinions are valid, leave it at that.

    Doesn't mean they're correct, though.

  • Speaking of crappy figures, if anyone on the poser team could cast their eyes on this post (about scaling) that would be cool. Poser scaling needs addressing / fixing / a makeover / a serious tutorial / etc... like a.s.a.p.

  • @ghostship do be careful of the wording of your wishes! "Poof", "you are now a cheese sandwich!" ;-)

  • @erogenesis Indeed! Scaling propagation is out of control. The Poser file syntax defines parameters which can be either scale[XYZ] or propagatingScale[XYZ], yet these are not exposed to Python to allow a script to determine whether scaling of a child actor is being inherited or not from a parent. As other, related threads mention, constraint target scaling messes with any object constrained to it.

  • @anniespewak My suggestion is to be more honest. Turns out by submitting suggestions via this form you are also automatically signed up to the Smith Micro mailing list.