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    MIS on a sky dome what is that good for other than ruining the effect for other small light emitters in the scene?

    Don't use sky dome props. Use the background shader.

    And why don’t do all light emitters have ShadowRay information?

    I can't say. Haven't touched the Poser code base in almost two years.

  • @stefan said in Submit Your Poser Suggestions to Smith Micro:

    Don't use sky dome props. Use the background shader.

    Thank you for this information! Handling of pics for background shader is somewhat different but at least it gives me an option that works :)
    Hopefully the next Poser version will give us Portals and other neat Cycle features.

  • 1 - The hierarchy window to open with all content minimized, a check box to undo this option if required.

    2 - The Morph tool to be able to add polygons or remove them like in ZBrush

    3 - older versions of python scripts to work, so annoying having to not be able to use such helpful scripts from poser 7 - 10

    4 - More a wish than anything, for Poser to load items and figures created in Daz3d, with an option to load only clothing and morphs dialed up in Daz then to be loaded into Poser without the superfluous memory eating morphs they contain - A redo of DSON or similar to be precise.

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    Hi razor18, many thanks for the propositions and hereby my personal technical remarks.

    1. Has already been asked for but it is one of the minor hierarchy issues.
    2. The technical impact of changing a mesh "on the fly" is very large.
      Adding or removing polygons "on the fly with a morph brush" has a HUGE impact deeper in the app. With every mesh change you also automatically have to adapt the weightmap and the inner and outer bulge maps and then probably mirror all changes over X to the other side too. Plus; There might be JCM's, other morphs, dependencies involved in that particular area. What when your morph brush stroke covers multiple vertex groups/bones? What if dynamic hair, or animations are involved?
      See? Altering a mesh "on the fly" has an HUGE impact internally, and possibly a serious impact on file size.
    3. Here I agree but keep in mind that it happens. Sometimes people move on, and older scripts are no longer updated to newer applications any more.
    4. Simple answer here : DSON and the DS technology is DAZ property.
      If they want to "ease" the use of DAZ assets in Poser, they will certainly do so.

    best regards, Tony

  • OK, here's something I run into regularly that I think could be quite simply improved:

    In the Graph palettes, we now have a button (bottom left corner of the graph) which resets scaling on the graph. This is an excellent and really useful feature, as fine adjustments of animation curve amplitudes can be examined in detail.

    In comparison, sometimes it would be really useful to be able to adjust the vertical scale of the graph in the Dependencies Editor, especially when minute adjustments need to be made, and the overall curve is important. Currently, if all of the Keyed valueOperation values are within a few thousandths of each other, nothing useful can be discerned by looking at a graph that is essentially a horizontal line. A way to fill the vertical graph with the maximum keyed value difference would be a wonderful improvement when trying to iron out unwanted oscillations.

  • Let me say it again:
    Support for the AMD ProRender Engine.
    It's Open Source.
    *Built on industry-standard OpenCL™ or Apple® Metal® 2. Works across Windows®, Linux®, and macOS®. Supports AMD GPUs and CPUs as well as those of other vendors. Open-source renderer available for developers.

    There are multiple Plug-ins (Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, Solidworks) already available.

    It is GPU neutral:
    Unlike other renderers, Radeon ProRender can simultaneously use and balance the compute capabilities of multiple GPUs and CPUs – on the same system, at the same time – and deliver state-of-the-art GPU acceleration to produce rapid, accurate results even on less-capable hardware......making it hardware agnostic so it runs on virtually any combination of GPUs and CPUs.

  • @vilters thanks for the reply, I have come across a major issue with the hierarchy, if I collapse it using the Universe tag it crashes Pro 11, even on a blank fresh boot up of the app?

  • @razor18 since Poser 11.1 was released, any selection of the UNIVERSE actor, whether accidental or deliberate, will crash Poser, or at the very least, hang Poser. Fingers crossed it gets fixed in the very next release.

  • I wish to have access to and be able to modify the VERTEX normals on geometriesiside Poser, if this can be programmed. Thanks.

  • @ibr_remote Alredy there. See Poser Python Manual -> Geometry Methodes -> Normales.

    And there is a demo script in ../Runtime/Python/poserScripts/GeomMods/

  • @adp OK thanks !!

  • @ibr_remote - oh... that's just a listing of normals but I need to selectively change their direction inside Poser.

  • From Poser Python Manual:

    Get a list of vertex normals. Each normal is a vertex object.

    Poser Python Vertex Objects do have a set methode.

    nrmls = actor.Geometry().Normals()

  • @ibr_remote Set Methode seems not to work for normales. Setting new values for normales does change the Python object, but re-reading the normal list returns the old values.
    Set[X|Y|Z] works fine for vertices. Seems to be a bug.

  • Just a tongue-in-cheek and probably redundant reminder to @ibr_remote and @adp that vertices in Poser can have exactly one normal, only. So single sided object like möbius strips and klein bottles can never have correct normals for all vertices. The best you can do is choose "Normals Forward" options whenever you see them, for such objects, unless you give them actual thickness.

    There's another caveat regarding normals in Poser, too. If the normals are absent from the OBJ definition (as they may be), Poser will derive them from the winding order of facets (right-hand-rule: fingers follow winding order and thumb points along normal), so normals get inextricably linked with facets, which flows into Poser's Grouping Tool, which allows one to reverse the normals on a per facet basis (which poser does by inverting the winding order of chosen facets, preventing you from reversing a single vertex normal by itself. Poser also, confusingly, gives the word "welding" two different meanings: merging adjacent pairs of vertices within a threshold distance into a single vertex, and unifying the normals of a pair of "welded" vertices split between two adjacent body parts (which may have been derived from a single vertex in the OBJ geometry, but shared by two body parts).

  • Not certain if requested already and explained why cannot have it, but here goes:

    Add bloom filter for rendering stills and/or animation.

  • Just an idea. Why not a "GoBlend"? Works like GoZ, only with Blender. Lots of Poser folk use Blender anyway.

  • @masterstroke ABSOLUTELY!!! I would love to have such a link!

  • You would think that something so simple, but essential would have already have been built into Poser by now, but How about adding a cloth naturalizer for both Cloth Physics and the Cloth Sims? Truth is, that a lot of Poser's setting can and should be automatic functions within the program. For the Hair room, the settings for Straight, curly, or even nappy hair should be built in. Press the button for the correct settings and then apply. Same thing for the Cloth Room and Bullet Physics. Denim, rubber, silk, nylon and satin should all have settings built in. No one says you can't still customize them, but they should have a common starting point.

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    @masterstroke I remember others talking about this connection several years ago ... and the answer at the time was because of Blender's open source ... constant change made this practically impossible ... but I think there was a "stabilization" that might make this more possible now.