OpenGL Problem - Black Eyes

  • Any ideas how to normalize Pauline's eyes?

  • @Twister1996 It depends on the geometry of the eyes. Vicky 3 for example has a section that only covers the iris that is intended to be transparent while the rest of the eye is the "eye whites," so you would not want that part to be transparent. Pauline has a "cornea" section that covers the entire eye (same with Vicky 4 and Micheal 4) just the same as with James so it would be similarly textured.

  • @ghostship Not all of the figures have EyeTrans material. So it's the Cornea that I need to adjust?

  • I was able to get rid of the blacks eyes for

    1. SydneyG2
    2. SimonG2
    3. Jessi

    I need help with Pauline. I'm quite stump on that figure. If I can correct this one, I might be able to fix the remaining figures.


  • @Twister1996 set up her cornea the same way james cornea was and that should work

  • I think Pauline is more complicated. I fixed up all the other figures. Only Paul and Pauline remains a challenge.


    Setting the Specular Value to '0' made the eyes worse:


    The Alternate Specular is already disabled.

    This Pauline / Paul figure have a different setup than James (and the others).

    I tried disabling all the other nodes, no effect.


  • If you are just going to be using the Comic Book Preview (which I didn't realise! ) then the easiest thing to have done for the James figure would have been to just copy the eyeball material to the eyetrans material. 5 seconds and problem solved.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @raven I'm not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean to open the eyeball material texture under eyetrans. See below:


    Ok - but I don't see what this would do. The eyes are still black.

    Well right now, I'm most concern with fixing Paul / Pauline's black eyes and this would be even better. 90% of the time I'll be using the Comic Book Preview, but the remaining 5-10% of the time will be in color. I might even use the sketch renders too, so the eyes do need to be fixed.

  • Ok. Open the Advanced tab in the material room.

    1, select James' EyeBall, and select all the materials and copy.


    2, select James' EyeTrans, and then either paste or replace.


    The eyetrans should now look just like the eyeball and so visible in comic preview mode.

    I am in the middle of making a quick tutorial for you for Pauline which hopefully fixes the cornea problem for comic preview (and Paul if done too him too, assuming they are set up the same) but it involves the grouping tool. Sounds complicated but it's not really.

  • To fix Pauline for Comic Preview:

    Save a copy of Pauline first. You could call it Comic Pauline or whatever.

    Load your comic Pauline. Use the face camera to get a close up of her head. Set the display mode to hidden line.
    Open the grouping tool.
    Click 'New Group' and call it cornea.


    Click on 'Add', then 'Material' and select 'Cornea'.


    Now click on 'Remove', then 'Material' and select 'Eyes'.


    Now click on 'Delete Polygons'. You get this warning, click OK.

    Now you see why we work on a copy :)

    Repeat the steps for the Right eye.

    When done, close the grouping tool and save the newly modified Pauline. The steps should be the same for Paul.
    You can use the original figures for colour rendering, and these versions for Comic Preview work.

  • The eyes for pauline have a very simple fix. The preview mode matches the root node with the firefly box checked. Yours shows that set up as nothing.

    You need to set up the transparency to one.

  • @redphantom @Twister1996 as redphnatom has said you forgot to make the material transparent. Remember I said make the material the same as with James's eyes?

  • Yes, setting the transparency back to '1" also, but I realized the checked box for Superfly Root was unchecked. I rechecked it, and now Pauline's eyes are showing.


    By the way, I would like to double-check something. within Pauline's Eyelashes - are those black lines (possibly shadows) under her eyes normal?



  • @raven Thanks Raven, with Paul and Pauline's eyes fixed now. I think I have removed all the black eyes from all my figures now. I'll tinker with you approach as well just to see what happens. It's good to have an alternative :)