yiynova with clip studio

  • just to get things clear i have a Yiynova MVP22U(V3)+RH Full HD Tablet Monitor,IPS Panel, DVII Digital Input (window) and i am having half the problem with the clip studio. there are times that whenever i'm doing comics or doing some drawing in panels i made it actually froze. it happened two times today and one time yesterday. it wasn't the first time it froze though, it froze whenever i was using a paint that was quiet neat, it was a marker that resemble one of the brand i know of.
    my point is that it actually happened whenever i actually am doing one thing. doing comic. is there a way to avoid this frozen incident whenever I'm using the clip studio comic

  • I have the same tablet. Never had a freeze problem, only occasional drop of pressure sensitivity. What kind of brush is this?

  • @froggy4646 it was t marker style brushes. i tried it before since they were quiet nice to color but every time i use them, even quiet for a bit. it froze and also just screech.