Has anyone attempted to recreate this effect

  • I suppose this should have been in the Poser 12 Wishlist but I'm wondering if anyone has had a serious attempt at recreating the effects as shown in this screen shot from the opening credits to Black Sails? Magnets to me seems like a clumsy way of doing it it given the version number of Poser that we are now at and I really haven't got my head around the exact settings for soft body dynamics. Would it not be great if when selecting collisions, you got this effect? I'm also suspecting that morph targets could be used but would take a lot of work.

    alt text

    By the way if you haven't seen the opening credits to Black Sails have a look

    • it is a fantastic work of CGI.

  • Use the morph brush. I set it on push usually very small radius and work around the top object especially on chairs, beds, etc to make the surface weighed down by the character. I gradually increase the radius and use a softer brush as I go farther from the top object.

  • Ah that makes sense then

  • But if it's a hand on a thigh or something like that with both parts from the same figure make sure you lock the hand and fingers beforehand or else they'll probably get pushed too. This will work depending on the mesh density, the denser it is the better as you'll have more polygons to work with. If you overdo it don't worry, you can clean up with the smooth and restore brush.

  • You must have read my mind - that was my next question how to stop the finger from being affected.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • @kalypso The sag brush is helpful here too - again, very small and turn down the magnitude.

  • Yes, I've overlooked it since I've been using the push/pull a lot, thanks for the reminder.
    Btw, I'm still on PP2014 - have there been any changes to the morph tool in PP11?

  • @kalypso I think all the morph brushes have been greatly improved, but my favorite is that we can now restrict the morph brushes to a specific material or group. Therefore, in Poser 11, the OP can simply restrict the push/pull/sag on the body part they want it on and the hand will be unaffected without any need to "freeze" it.

    I love the restore brush on things like buttons and zippers because we can easily paint out distortions in the rigging by restricting by material.

  • @Glitterati3D Good to know, so we can even select facets, assign a new material and then have the morph brush affect that? That opens up many other possibilities. I think I use the morph brush almost always when I work in Poser and I really like the tighten and loosen fits especially for clothing that has to follow a heavily morphed figure.

  • @kalypso Yes, you can restrict the morph brushes to Material or Groups. Great stuff.

  • Supposedly one can make a soft body simulation, make it 0 except for the target area, give it a tiny little bit of internal pressure to keep the shape, create a collision target as the hand, and run the simulation.

    Unfortunately that never really worked for me because the soft body simulator is incredibly sensitive to internal pressure, and it's really hard to avoid shape distortions with too low pressure or too high pressure. It's really unfortunate that the soft body simulator is really, really poorly implemented in poser.

    But, at least in theory, that's a soft body should be able to do.

  • @fbs7 That's what I would have thought that soft body should do the job, may have to experiment a bit and see what happens - at least now I have several options to try and see if I can hit on what works best

  • I'd try the Loosen Fit/Tighten Fit tools from the morph creation palette.

  • Currently playing with using the soft body technique and I have the palm of the hand doing basically what it should do. given the internal / external pressure issue, but struggling with the fingers, so I think I need a bit more in depth information to take it further and the tutorials I have found so far haven't been a lot of help (ie: Barney jumping up and down) - can someone point me to a good tutorial on soft body dynamics?

  • yeah soft body won't work very nicely since you need higher res meshes to do this kind of detail, and setting up the simulation is going to be a pain in the butt so you're better off just morphing it with zBrush or Poser morph brush. But even then you'll need a mesh that has higher resolution than V4 or G2. SubD morphs would be the way to go. But the problem with PP11 is that ZBrush's Morph Target Brush doesn't work with it.

    This is a good example of why zBrush's Morph Target Brush comes in handy, is that you can compress the entire contact area down and then paint back the original mesh between the fingers. You can do the same with Poser's morph brush, paint in the fingers and then restore the bits inbetween until it looks like something. (granted the pp11 incompatibility with the morph target brush is not directly a problem in this example, but that still does need to get fixed)

    However, this ONE morph is limited to that one area and if offers very little in the way of repeat business, and considering any self-respecting man (or woman) would never touch a woman (or man) in the same place twice, this technique is only good for a single render... or someone with lots of time on their hands... which is why I suggested in the Poser 12 wishlist an option to turn any geometry into a magnet zone, so that magnet deformations will not only be limited to spherical impacts, but something like a whole hand...