Favorite Poser trees?

  • ECO also turns off shadows. This is all in Preview render, but it really is what I will want to use for my work mostly. I imagine they turn stuff off to make performance acceptable, but how do you turn these things back on? Maybe this is necessary for the feature to work, when I try creating a plane manually with the same textures, the alpha still catches light and is displayed. Anyhow, I'm putting ECO on the shelf, I'm glad I bought it on sale and not at full price.

  • So, Poser does just fine with 3d objects and Eco, so I guess now what I need is low-poly 3d trees. Any advice on that? Free is always better, especially for distant objects.

  • I really like the trees made by Lisa Buckalew - she made so many and I grabbed most of them when they were at daz. They're not poseable but they look lovely.
    I think she's an artist with HiveWire3D now - search at hivewire for Lisa's Botanicals

  • My favorite trees are an oldie from DAZ - Sentinels of the Forest, and the are fully poseable. Lots of variety, look good and render quickly.

  • I just went to look for a link for Sentinels and they are on sale for $3.99!


  • @Glitterati3D said in Favorite Poser trees?:

    I just went to look for a link for Sentinels and they are on sale for $3.99!


    I have that and didn't realise it could be posed haha too much hoarding :)

  • I just bought Sentinels on your recommendation, it looks nice in Firefly renders but Preview not so much, the leaves look good but where the branches meet the textures are trashed. But I can definitely hide that so no biggie, they are pretty hard on the GPU with high quality transparencies enabled in Preview. I'll still be looking to get some of Flink's stuff, I kinda wished I bought his grassy hill set instead of ECO but anyhow. Upside is this stuff is relatively cheap, downside is I have a collection addiction.

    EDIT: I think it doesn't apply to all the trees. I just loaded the Oak and it looks fine.

  • @eternityblue That's the willow I rendered down below - just for this thread. I'm not seeing any of the texture issues you're seeing, but I doubt I have rendered all the varieties. I know the willow is good - just one of my favorite trees in RL, so that's the one I tend to render.

  • @Glitterati3D Yeah it is the Maple that I'm having the issue with. I imagine I could just load a different trunk mat if I really needed to, so no big deal at all. It is a really flexible tree for close ups, just what I wanted, so thank you!

  • @eternityblue You're welcome. Glad I could help even a little.

  • @adi ROFL, something I suspect most of us are guilty of (hoarding).

  • I just added a copy of the leaves above the tree to make it taller, I think it will look good as a distant prop, no one would notice I'm sure. I can just take slides of the trees under the appropriate lighting and add them to the background using Eco. For just over 10 I just took care of my trees, that's just great. I think I'm done shopping.

  • And more praise for that tree: the leaf textures are done in branching stages, so you can really customize the colors to a very large degree, I'm very happy. For under $4 it is super cool. It really isn't one tree, there are separate models for each type, so really 5 trees.

    So now, does anyone know where to get some nice animatable grass? I need characters to be able to push it out of the way as they emerge, and also to show movement in a field of tall grass (very short characters).

  • @eternityblue It really was innovative for when it was released, and still very useful. I guess we all tend to look at new stuff, but some of the oldies really are goodies.

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    I made an alternate texture set for the Forest Sentinels some years back; I just found it amongst the stuff recovered from a now-deceased computer. I'll upload that to ShareCG.
    alt text

    Esha's Forest Trees are poseable too, roots, trunks, and branches. Handy for fitting them to a specific terrain.
    That's Esha's Forest Trees in the background (except the grey monster - that's one of my mallorns), and clumps of her Forest Grass. Both come with scattering files for use with Semideiu's Ecosystem script.
    alt text

    I have lots of Lisa Buckalew's trees/bushes/flowers; she's probably the first name I think of for trees.
    Some of her oldest stuff here: oak trees and cherry trees...
    alt text

    I have some big elvish trees (mallorn and antediluvian mulberry):
    alt text

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    Don't expect greatness; :blush: this is one of my early works (ca 2006). But it does add some variety to the Forest Sentinel trees. Dropbox download link in green below.

    MAT pack for Forest Sentinel trees


  • @seachnasaigh Awesome, thank you! I also ended up buying the Forest Trees mentioned above, it is also 50% off at RDNA, I also got grass to go with the ECO script, some more morphs, and cliff formations. Whew! I think I am out a whole $35. Lots of good deals, thanks again for the suggestions.

  • Lisa's Botanicals are the first trees I usually think of as well, though I just checked, and I also have the Forest Sentinels, so thanks for the materials pack Seach. :smile:

  • Does anyone have a suggestion for conifers?

  • OK, I impulse bought the RDNA Snowy Pines, I wish I hadn't now:


    They have an issue when scaling that only the top half scales up, which is just horrible, there are four trees but the snow can't be removed, just hidden, and the four MATs can't be shared among them, you get 4 trees of different size and materials that can't be scaled or altered. Which makes them very limited. I would have been better off with free trees I imagine. They are 22k too, I don't know how bad that is but I don't call that extremely light on polys.

    Does anyone know how to fix the scaling? Edit: I do have a work around, just wrap the tree in a group, but that is still messy that way.