Cursor Flickers when using Wacom Art Pen

  • Hi,

    I'm using an Intuos Pro L and I have the Wacom Art Pen, but I'm noticing that compared to the "Grip Pen" (the original) the cursor appears to flicker/jitter as I move across the canvas area only. The cursor doesn't flicker/jitter when moving over anywhere else in the UI.

    I didn't used to have this issue, so I'm guessing either Clip Studio Paint 1.6.2 or the Windows 10 Creators Update caused it.

    I've tried changing all the settings under Preferences > Tablet to no avail and installing older Wacom Drivers. I noticed that by switching from WinTab to TabletPC under the Preferences fixes the issue, but that obviously won't allow pen pressure, etc.

    Has anyone else experienced similar or have any advice?


  • OK I figured it out. Looks like it's down to the same issue as the zoom bug with the Windows Creators Update. So settings Windows Text Scale to any value above 100% fixes it.

    Very strange it would affect a specific pen though!