How to adjust tolerance of Auto Select (magic wand) tool?

  • Been using Photoshop since the 90s. Just got Clip Studio Paint. I'm trying to learn how to do the things I normally do all the time in Photoshop, like select things with the magic wand. But the Auto Select tool doesn't seem to have any "tolerance" setting like the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop has; when I click on a line I drew, for example, it only selects a tiny segment of the line, not the whole thing. How do I adjust this so it selects more?

  • In the Tool Property there are all setting - if not visible click on the icon bottom right. 0_1499330609383_Cattura.JPG

  • The Equivalent of Tolerance should already be showing in the Tool Property palette.... but it has a different name and a poorly worded description...its called Color Margin.
    Note that CSP also has a great feature to help you avoid filling the whole page because a fill or selection "escaped" ... its called Close Gap ( and should also be visible in the Tool Properties..... However , if you are filling a long thin line then the cl;ose gap may auto-stop it filling if the line starts to get narrower .... it may well be that your problem is best solved by turning off "close Gap" when doing that type of selection.

    Once you get the hang of these features I think you will find that the magic wand is actually better than the one in PS.... and especially well designed for filling areas that are enclosed by line drawing.