Tools and Features Randomly Disappearing in Manga Studio EX 4

  • So, I use Manga Studio EX 4. (Yes, I know everyone’s using Clip Studio Paint now, but Manga Studio EX 4 was a gift from my parents and they paid $300 for it.) And lately, I’ve had quite a strange problem. About a week ago, I opened Manga Studio to find this:


    (And yes, I know most people don’t use the beginners assistant, but I like it, because all my tools are organized, & I can access them more easily. )
    All of the labels for my tools had randomly disappeared, the tools are not working the way that they’re supposed to. Only one variation or each tool will actually work (with the exception of the pen tool.) All the brush patterns are gone. So, the pattern brush has the same texture as the marker. The edge selection and shape selection tools are gone. And I can’t de-select a lasso anymore. Instead, I have to draw a lasso around the entire page.
    I’ve tried uninstalling & re-installing the program several times. I’ve also tried uninstalling & re-installing the materials several times. But neither of those things worked. I’ve tried googling the error, & I’ve searched the forums, but I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely related to it.
    Has anyone else had this problem before? And if so, How do I fix it?