A way to remember text settings?

  • I have another question that is hopefully a lot easier than my last one.

    Back when I used to use SAI to draw pages, I'd use photoshop to add the text. (I personally find photoshop really hard to draw in so I only ended up using it to add text, since SAI doesn't have this function). In photoshop, it would remember my font and text size, so if I made a new text box for another speech bubble on the page, it would automatically be at my last setting.

    CSP doesnt do this and always resets to a default every time I make a new textbox even on the same page. So for every single speech bubble I have to manually select the font, and then the text size, and it ends up taking a lot of time doing this for every one. While I was glad that the text support was there as I figured it'd save a lot of time, it may arguably take even longer because of this.

    Is there a way to make it 'remember' my settings so I can just click and write? I feel like there should be but I'm not sure how to do it. Thank you!

  • As with any tool or brush... if you change the settings and want to make that your new "default" then right click on the tool in the sub tool palette and in that pop up menu select "Register to initial settings" ... but the real trick with the text tool is to duplicate the tool and set the duplicate to your favorite settings and name it after the font or the purpose you use it for. . Do that repeatedly for each type of text that you regularly like to use.