More Add-ons for Clip Studio

  • I recently posted a Video of Artistic Filters for Clip studio paint. I am going to post here videos of the other parts of that same add-on pack..... Obviously its a plug but also , as these are advanced features, I hope they may inspire you to try something similar....else download them all at

    This first video is of the Layers Style simulations... drop shadows, buttonizing, metal effects, 3D lettering, inset relief etc.

    keep an eye on this posting if you are interested in seeing vids of the advanced brush set and the tool for creating seamless tiling that also come in that pack ... cos I will be adding them later

  • And this one shows some of the brushes

  • I should point out that the videos or recorded at only 4 frames per second ( to keep the files short and efficient) the brushes are very smooth and non-laggy ... but in the 4 frame per second video that can appear choppy.

  • They're very impressive.