where to download male 3d models?

  • where to download male 3d models?

    (and yes i tried using google)

    Please help!!!!

  • I have access to the Japanese Celsys shop which offers some extra 3D manga style models (similar to the ones that ship with the CSP Materials) but - really - why bother? CSP's rendering capabilities are not great so if you're going to use models you might as well get Poser and do the 3D thing right. But if you have your heart set on using 3D models in CSP for anything other than reference, there are a couple blogs that go over it in more depth than I can offer.
    As far as where to get the models goes, you need to search for models in the FBX format.

  • would FBX format models work with manga studio ex 4?

  • I believe MS4EX supports Lightwave files (LWO and LWS) as well as OBJ files. I'm pretty sure it doesn't do FBX. That would mean that poseable models imported into 4EX would have to be an LWS file.

  • @garlam Yeah, I second just getting Poser, even an older version, not pro, and you would have a lot of content that will be much better than using Clip Studio's 3d model import. You can easily copy renders from Poser and paste them right into Clip Studio. I am working this way for storyboards. I bought Poser 10 for $25 not too long ago, if you keep your eyes peeled for a deal, it is an incredible value.

  • where do i put the file for manga studio 4 ex?

  • I assume you want to know how to import an OBJ or LWO/LWS file. If it's anything like MS5, you just drag the file onto the canvas and drop.

  • found and imported model.

    The only problem is the joints don't move.

    So what is the feature or term called for models with movable joints? (if there is one)

  • The model requires rigging. The term to look for is rigging or bones.